Energy prices: half a billion euros available to reduce the bill, recalls Khattabi

So that they do not remain frozen and can be immediately available for climate policy and the reduction of the energy bill, it proposes a distribution between entities modeled on the previous key. The ETS system (Emission Trading System) is used within the framework of European greenhouse gas reduction targets and applies to various sectors that consume large amounts of energy. It is based on the exchange of CO2 emission quotas. For the period from January to August 2021, Belgium received 350 million euros, an amount which is expected to increase to 500 million by the end of the year.

These resources are distributed between the Federal State and the three Regions by virtue of a cooperation agreement which has expired. In the absence of a new agreement, the Minister offers her colleagues a single distribution based on the old distribution key, i.e. 52.76% for Flanders, 30.65% for Wallonia, 7.5% for Brussels and 9 .05% for the federal government.

“This is a significant sum that we can mobilize for our climate policies and relieve households in view of the increase in the cost of electricity. Unfortunately, these funds, due to a lack of political agreement, are now unused and blocked on a This is neither acceptable nor justifiable in view of the situation of citizens and businesses who cannot make ends meet. I have always defended the idea that not only the fruits of the EU ETS should return to the States but that they should be used to finance the just transition. This is why I will plead with my regional colleagues for a single allocation according to the old distribution key “, explained Mrs. Khattabi in a press release.

For the distribution of income from 2022 to 2030, the minister hopes for the conclusion of an agreement between the various entities in the coming months.

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