English mother names her son Lucifer, she did not expect such reactions!

Josie Barnes, 27, gave her offspring an unusual first name, Lucifer. She explains that her choice has nothing to do with religious history. She just liked that name.

Unlike the devil, the mother of little Lucifer called her son this way because he is a “miracle” child. Josie claims to have lost ten children before the birth of her little Lucifer, reports the media Indy100.

Mom of two, Josie Barnes tells how she found the name of her last baby. She says she spotted Lucifer in a newborn name book and liked the sound. She even hesitated with another original first name, Narnia.

Since the announcement of her son’s first name, Josie explains that she has received many reactions and even distressing comments. She, who lives with her companion and two young children, assures us that she did not call her son like the devil. ‘The Devil is not the meaning of my son’s name’‘. On the contrary, the announcement of her birth was unexpected news due to Josie’s medical history.

Josie had even entered a registry to be sterilized, due to fertility issues that affected her ability to have children. “I had Lucifer six years after the birth of my first daughter, because during this period, I lost ten children”, confesses Josie who did not expect to have a second child.

Despite what the name Lucifer represents, Josie still decided to keep it. “When I chose his first name, I knew people wouldn’t like him but that wasn’t up to them.”

However, Lucifer wouldn’t be so unusual lately. It would even have become trends in some places thanks to the series of the eponymous name, Lucifer. Since its release on Netflix, “names of demons” have been very successful. This is what Pamela Redmond, the co-creator of Nameberry, explained. It’s a database of baby names and also a guide for expectant parents, in an interview with the Post.

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