Enterprising Panthers bow to world No. 1 (2-0)

After 21 seconds, Elena Sotgiu already had to turn around on a Welten shot. The Reds were very passive in the duels. Welten did not ask for so much. Raoul Ehren’s proteges calmly controlled the ball. In the 10th minute, Nelen looked for Ballenghien in the circle, but Remmerswaal was on the line. The first quarter was largely dominated by the Oranje who made the Red Panthers run. With the exception of Welten’s opening goal, Sotgiu didn’t have a job except a hoof clearance.

Over the minutes, the Panthers managed to put the structure down and dare a little more. But, against them, the Dutch did not give up much ground. In the 20th minute, Blockmans conceded first pc on a foul on Fortuin. D’Hooghe, who had come into play in the second quarter, turned Jansen’s sleep away from the glove. Belgium asked for the video to cancel the 2nd pc whistled in the wake for a ball which was not dangerous. The Reds kept the ball more and more, but couldn’t really find a loophole in the orange wall. The second quarter ended without the Panthers being really jostled. Better, in the 29th minute, Struik crossed for Versavel who could not deflect it in front of Remmerswaal. D’Hooghe only had the stick side sleep to come out during his 15 minutes of play.

Despite this goal conceded, the Red Panthers have gained momentum over the minutes without creating clear chances in the circle.

Back from the locker room, Gerniers tried to enter the circle, but she was countered. On a nice recovery, Englebert came back to the circle, but she was messing with Raye. Versavel centered in the circle. The Belgians were well back in the second half. In the 34th minute, the Panthers called for a kick in the circle. They were losing their video. The Oranje were not dazzling. The Panthers got it right. In the 39th minute, van Geffen missed a control that could have hurt in the circle. Burg, in turn, was dangerous with a pass back into the circle. In the 44th, Gerniers centered in the circle, but no one was there to touch her.

The stands started to ignite at the start of the 4th quarter. Blockmans avoided conceding a pc in the 46th minute on a complicated defensive exit. Opportunities remained rare in this fairly balanced match. Blockmans was spinning on the baseline. It took a great Brewer to avoid a shot in the circle. In the 52nd minute, on an acceleration in the axis, Moes remained upright and played all the defense to deceive D’Hooghe. The Netherlands took shelter on an individual exploit.

This goal does not detract from the courageous match of the Belgians who will try to play their game without being dangerous in the opposing circle.

Premier League match: Netherlands v Belgium

Pays-Bas : Remmerswaal ; Koolen, Keetels, Welten, Sanders, Nunnink, van Geffen, the Good, Fortune, van Laarhoven, Jansen ; Puis Moes, Kappelle, Burg, van Gils, Plonissen, Barentsen
Belgium : Sotgiu ; Vanden Borre, Puvrez, Hillewaert, Brasseur ; Englebert, Nelen, Struijk ; Gerniers, Raye, Ballenghien; Puis Rasir, Vandermeiren, Versavel, Breyne, Blockmans, De Mot, D’Hooghe.
The arbitrators: H. Harrison (Ang) and C. Martin-Schmets
The goals: 1st Worlds (1-0), 52nd Moes (2-0)

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