1000 times harder than the jungle camp: What you need to know about 7 vs. Wild Season 2

The toughest reality show in Germany is not on RTL but on YouTube. 7 vs Wild feels a bit like I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here! play on the highest difficulty mode. Last year, the complex YouTube production surprisingly sparked a survival hype.

A year later, 7 vs. Wild enters its second season. Show inventor Fritz Meinecke shared the first information a week ago. Right now everything looks like he could repeat the success of the first edition. Up to 6.5 million views collected the most spectacular episodes of the 1st season. As a rule, around 3 million people watched how the 7 participants around Fritz Meinecke caught fish, fried mushrooms and processed berries into smoothies in order to at least get something into their stomachs. Because in 7 vs. Wild there isn’t even rice and beans.

We’ll first briefly explain what 7 vs. Wild is all about. Then you will learn what is already known about Season 2.

In contrast, the jungle camp is a luxury holiday: What is 7 vs Wild about?

The rules: Seven people are abandoned at seven different points in the wilderness for seven days. In season 1 the trip went to Sweden. The participants usually come from the survival stream scene and are more or less familiar with survival techniques. And they have to, because more than seven items from civilization are not allowed in the actually completely isolated location. When choosing between a sleeping bag and a toothbrush, dental hygiene suddenly doesn’t seem so important anymore.

Who the seven days in the wild solitude endures and also collects a lot of points in the various challenges has a chance of winning. This is the simple yet ingenious concept in a nutshell.

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The uniqueness of the reality concept of 7 vs Wild: The reduced style is also reflected in the transmission of what is happening on site. While the participants in the jungle camp are accompanied by umpteen cameras, the survival professionals film themselves the whole time. Meinecke and Co. are really alone out there. No camera crew to catch them.

Unlike similar shows that merely simulate wilderness and nature, 7 vs Wild has a drop and a real risk for the participants – under appropriate security conditions, of course. If the candidates feel bad or injure themselves, they have a mobile phone specially provided for such cases. However, a phone call ends participation.

Everything you need to know about 7 vs Wild Season 2: Here’s what to do next

Fritz Meinecke, who won season 1 by a wide margin, has revealed the most important information about the successor in several videos that have been published since last week.

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When does 7 vs Wild season 2 start?

Like Season 1, Season 2 will start in November 2022 and run until the end of December. At least that’s what Meinecke hopes. Filming hasn’t even started yet. That should happen in August. But where?

Where is 7 vs Wild season 2 taking place?

On a tropical island. Where exactly, the showrunner, last year’s winner and repeat entrant has kept under wraps so far to prevent fans from overrunning the filming locations. Unlike season 1, however, this time the location will be revealed during the course of the show. In any case, a tropical island promises heat, high humidity and wild animals. The contrast to cool Sweden is huge.

Who are the 7 contestants of 7 vs Wild Season 2?

So far, the candidates have only been invited, but most of them are likely to be there:

  • Fritz Meinecke himself (approved)
  • Jens Knossalla: Twitch Star and Moderator (approved)

  • Sabrina Outdoor: Survival Youtuber for a year, she also announced her participation Monday in this video approved.
  • Starlet Nova : Influencer, Twitch streamer (approved)
  • Sasha Huber : fitness youtuber (still unconfirmed)
  • Robert Marc Lehmann : Marine biologist and research diver (still unconfirmed)

  • And a wildcard that is yet to be awarded
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Unlike in season, this time there are also female candidates. In general, Meinecke continues to develop the show and irons out mistakes. It “gets much, much bigger”. Through a significantly increased budget the show hardly differs from the effort involved in a TV production. This enables more safety: two rescue teams and an emergency doctor will be available for emergencies. There is also an expert from the Bundeswehr. In addition, a survival trainer should train the candidates before the starting gun, like the Dr. Bob of 7 vs Wild.

So if you like reality, survival, and most of all, original, really well-made TV, you should definitely check out 7 vs. Wild Season 2.

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