1899 figures: Eyk (Andreas Pietschmann) and Olek (Maciej Musial)

Netflix’ mystery series 1899 by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese (the creators of the hit German series Dark) launched on Netflix on Thursday, November 17, 2022 and boasts an extensive cast. We have listed elsewhere how you know the 1899 cast including 7 Netflix stars. Here we want you one orderly figure overview as an aid hand so that you can better see who is who in the many series characters. You get:

  • 1.) an overview of the figure squad with the Status at the beginning of the series
  • 2.) an explanation of the 1899 characters at the end of the series with spoilers

1.) Who is who in Netflix 1899? The characters explained without spoilers

To make name learning and browsing easier for 1899, we’ve organized the series staff by block for you. In addition to the character names and actors, you will also find a short description of the characters and a subsequent image.

1899: The crew of the Kerberos declared

1899 figures: Eyk (Andreas Pietschmann) and Olek (Maciej Musial)

1899 characters: Sebastian (Tino Mewes) and Franz (Isaak Dentler)

1899 Figures Explained: The Upper Class Passengers

  • Maura FranklinEmily Beecham – a Scottish woman traveling alone who studied medicine
  • Virginia WilsonRosalie Craig – an English society lady

1899 characters: Maura Franklin (Emily Beecham) & Virginia Wilson (Rosalie Craig)

1899 characters: Ángel (Miguel Bernardeau) & Ramiro (José Pimentão)

1899 Characters: Ling Yi (Isabella Wei) & Yuk Je (Gabby Wong)

1899 characters: Clémence (Mathilde Ollivier) & Lucien (Jonas Bloquet)

1899 Figures Explained: The Lower Deck Passengers

1899 characters: Krester (Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen) & Tove (Clara Rosager)

1899 characters: Ada (Vida Sjørslev), Anker (Alexandre Willaume) & Iben (Maria Erwolter)

The enigmatic figures of 1899

  • Jerome (Yann Gael) – a mysterious Frenchman, sometimes a passenger, sometimes in a ship’s uniform
  • Daniel Solace (Aneurin Barnard) – a stranger who climbs out of the water onto the deck
  • the boy (Fflyn Edwards) – a mute child found alone on the abandoned ship Prometheus
  • HenryAnton Lesser – an ominous string puller

1899 Characters: Jérôme (Yann Gael) & Daniel Solace (Aneurin Barnard)

1899 characters: the boy (Fflyn Edwards) & Henry Henry (Anton Lesser)

This is the figure’s level of knowledge at the beginning of the Netflix series 1899. In the course of the 8 episodes, however, we learn a lot new explanations, reinterpretations and uncovered family relationshipsresulting in a different picture shortly before the end of the season.

2.) Who is who at the end of 1899? The changed character relationships explained at the end (with spoilers)

the uncovered secrets and result in new facets and family connections new character constellationswhich creates different conditions in 1899:

The Singleton family in 1899

  • Maura SingletonEmily Beecham – Scottish scientist, mother, wife, daughter
  • Daniel (Aneurin Barnard) – Maura’s husband and fellow scientist
  • Elliot aka the
    Boy (Fflyn Edwards) – Maura and Daniel’s (dead) son
  • Henry SingletonAnton Lesser – Screen monitor and Maura’s father
  • ciaran (still without a cast) – Maura’s brother

The French trio in 1899

  • Clemence (Mathilde Ollivier) – Lucien’s rich, unhappy wife
  • Lucien (Jonas Bloquet) – Clémence’s unloved husband who began his ascent during the war
  • Jerome (Yann Gael) – Lucien’s old soldier friend who was left behind by him

1899: The Main Characters

The Chinese women and their pimp in 1899

  • Ling Yi (Isabella Wei) – a Chinese woman posing as a Japanese geisha to get to America
  • Yuk Je (Gabby Wong) – Ling Yi’s mother
  • Virginia WilsonRosalie Craig – British pimp who allows the Chinese women to cross

The queer passengers in 1899

  • Angel (Miguel Bernardeau) – Spanish nobleman fleeing because of his homosexuality
  • Ramiro (Jose Pimentao) – Ángel’s Portuguese servant and gay lover
  • Krester (Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen) – Dane who has had to hide his sexuality in the past and is now attracted to Ángel

In the Danish family of Anker, Iben, Tove, Krester and Ada (despite the loss of their son and youngest daughter) everything remains the same in their relationships. And also at her Kerberos crew among Eyk, Olek and the mutinous Franz only one turns out to be playing the wrong game:

  • SebastianTino Mewes – First Mate and henchman of Henry Singleton

Who is who after the final twist of 1899?

Just when we have the feeling that we can see through the characters, 1899 gets that one at the very end big end twist out that changes everything: We are no longer on a steamship, but on a spaceship traveling through space in 2099. This theoretically becomes everything learned character knowledge set to zero. Because even if Maura might still be married to Daniel, we no longer have any security.

1899: The Prometheus spacecraft 2099

15 people on board the spaceship are shown to us at the end of 1899: It is not clear whether these are members of the 550 crew members or the 1423 intergalactic passengers. These people are:

Whether all other figureswho we met in 1899, for example Maura’s father Henry, her son Elliot, the girl Ada and the rest of the crew (including Franz and Sebastian) only simulations were or to the simulated reality only connected elsewhere (e.g. in one of the many other spaceship cabins) remains open at the end of Season 1.

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