1899: where is season 2 on Netflix?

The series is not intended to end there. The creators of Dark still have a 3 season plan.

The creators of Dark have struck again! Their new series, 1899, is a rather impressive psychological labyrinth. A puzzle that ties you up in the brain, until the ultimate revelation of season 1, which changes everything…

1899: the creators of Dark still know how to drive us crazy (review)

But the “mindfuck” series does not stop there. 1899 is supposed to have a season 2, and even more, if we believe Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar. “It will depend on the viewers”they first suggest in Deadlinehinting that season 2 of 1899 is not yet officially ordered and that Netflix is ​​waiting to know the hearings to validate the sequel.

This also means that we will certainly have to wait until 2024 to see this hypothetical season 2 of 1899.

In Entertainment Weeklythe two authors also specify that their SF story is “structured as a mystery puzzle in three seasons, just like Dark“. Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar recall in stride that “It’ll only happen if enough people watch… but we’ve covered the development and ending of Season 1, so you’ll want to see what’s next. So I hope that in the end, that’s what will happen. This is the plan we presented to Netflix.

So where is it going 1899 ? Where is the ship sailing now? The two creators do not have their heads in the stars and assure the HollywoodReporter already have the conclusion of the story in sight: “We always like to have an end before we begin. We want to know where we are going. When we move forward in our story we like to know how the mysteries will be solved at the end. Afterwards, in the middle, there may be ideas that change. And as we go through the process, some storylines may evolve. For example, for Dark, the idea of ​​the parallel universe was planned for the second season and then while working on it, we decided to move that to the third season. You also have to be flexible and know how to let yourself be surprised by the writing.”

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