30 Years RP Contest: Win a vinyl set thanks to Johnny Records

We continue with the anniversary contests 30 years!
In this opportunity, Johnny Records vinyl store, wanted to participate with a tremendous set of vinyls. Fill out the form and participate.

About Johnny Records

Johnny Records It is a store that is located in the Shed 4 of the Persian Bío Bío in charge of Johnny Caviereswho for more than 20 years has been in charge of bringing the best sounds to all music consumers in our country. Johnny Records is a mandatory stop if you visit Persa Bío Bío. You can find jewels in vinyl format, such as classic records, as well as the newest albums of this 2022.
Family business, where all members participate to help in this venture. Known by the musical world for always being attentive to the latest in national and international sounds.
If you want to know some musical anecdote, or you want to find that lost vinyl, Jhonny Records is your place.

Contest: Take these vinyls

And as part of the Rock and Pop celebrations, Johnny Records He did not want to be left out and is giving away this tremendous pack of 3 vinyls. Those that include:

Lucybell – Fish

First album of the national band lucybelllaunched in nineteen ninety five. With 12 songs in total, here you can find great songs like When I breathe in your mouth, of sweat and tenderness, Monday and several more songs.

Coldplay – Kaleidoscope

Coldplay surprised in 2017 with a companion ep from his album A Head full of dreams released in 2015. Here you can find 5 songs that stand out Miracles, Aliens and Hypnotised.

Nirvana – Nevermind

second album of Nirvana, published in 1991. A tremendous success both commercially and for its sound, where the 13 songs stand out What does this board have? Here you can listen Smells Like Teen Spirit, In Bloom, Lithium, Polly, On a Play and several more.

Participate and fill out the form to win vinyl!

To win this tremendous pack that includes the albums of Lucybell, Coldplay and Nirvana, you have to fill out the form and follow on social networks at Johnny Records (Instagram we leave it here). That easy!

Closing of the draw: December 20.

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