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In the midst of a new government in South Korea, under the command of Yoon Suk-yeol and active nuclear weapons testing in North Korea, tensions on the peninsula are on the rise.

Korea has a history of more than 70,000 years. Nevertheless, from the year 2333 BC, the history of the Korean people as such is just beginning to be discussed. And it is that the story tells that Dangun, a figure half man half deity, who would come down from heaven and found the first kingdom of Korea; Gojoseon (Land of the morning calm).

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Why was South Korea and North Korea divided?

The history of Korea has been marked by wars and rebellions, a product of the different foreign occupations that for years disputed the peninsula. Among the most remembered events is the Japanese occupation and the Second World War. The latter being the one that would cause a before and after in the Korean people.

In August 1945, after the atomic bombings of Nagasaki and HiroshimaJapan surrendered and after years, the Korean people were able to free themselves from what had been the hardest period in Korean history until then.

Nevertheless, the Cold War had started. And the withdrawal of Japanese troops had created a power vacuum.

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On the one hand, the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Wanting to take control of Korea, and on the other, USA that would not allow the advance of communism in the territories.

The United States then proposed to divide the territory to the USSR using as a border the famous parallel 38. The division of the peninsula caused two separate states; The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to the north and The Republic of Korea by the south.

But it wouldn’t be until June 25, 1950 that North Korean troops, supported by China and the USSR, They would cross the 38th Parallel and invade South Korea.. This being known as the first conflict of the Cold War, where the Western bloc would face off against the communist bloc.

Considered one of the most complex and bloody wars of the 20th century, the Korean conflict It would leave millions of families separated. Also devastated cities and a deep wound in the Korean people.

A 72 years of the conflict, the wounds are still open and their consequences persist. That’s why the reunification It is a latent issue on the political agenda of both countries.

To better understand and learn about the problems surrounding the division of the Korean peninsula, here is a selection of 5 movies and series acclaimed by critics to investigate this milestone that marked the 20th century and that is still more relevant than ever.

Crash Landing on You

With 16 episodes, Crash Landing on You is not your typical romantic comedy. It tells the story of Yoon Se-ri, a South Korean millionaire, who suffers a paragliding accident and ends up trapped in North Korea. However, the series is focused on showing Se-ri’s difficulties in returning to Seoul, her daily life in North Korea, the family, economic and political dynamics of that country.

Although it is a South Korean production, it tries to stay true to reality by showing the worst and the best of each nation. It has been acclaimed by national and international critics for being realistic but also for telling the story with responsibility and respect for the families who experienced similar events.

Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War – Series and movies about the conflict between South and North Korea

It is considered the best Korean War movie of all time. This film tells the moving story of two brothers who fought on opposite sides in the battle between the two Koreas.

Beginning with the fighting in Pyongyang, this film guides the audience through various battles to the eastern front at Aerok Hill.

Ode To My Father

One of the films acclaimed by the public. Because it shows a more realistic picture of the life that citizens had to go through due to the Korean War, which is lived even today.

Joint Security Area – Series and movies about the conflict between South and North Korea

This film is set in the last days of the ‘Korean War’, when ceasefire negotiations were announced and amid fierce fighting on the eastern border of Aeok Hills, North and South forces tried to take control. It features performances by Go Soo, Shin Ha Kyun, Kim Ok Vin, and Ryoo Seung Ryong.

Operation Chrome

During the ‘Korean War’, the US Marines made a landing in the port of Incheon and changed the entire course of the confrontation. The so-called ‘Operation Chromite’ involved several troops and about 261 warships.

With the participation of Liam Neeson and the award-winning Lee Jung Jae as the protagonist, this film based on real events revealing what happened in the operation. Where several South Koreans disguised themselves as North Korean troops.

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