6 soap operas that Globo wants to forget and will not have a rerun

THE Globe there are certainly soap operas that he prefers to forget and that are unlikely to be reruns one day. Deaths, legal fights and public rejection make plots like De Corpo e Alma and O Sétimo Guardian forgotten and kept in the archives.

Summer sun

A soap opera from the beginning of the 80s, Sol de Verão had a tumultuous backstage after the death of its protagonist, Jardel Filho. The actor died of a heart attack four months after the show premiered.

A close friend of the artist, the author Manoel Carlos asked that the story only have 15 more chapters and be closed. Globo did not accept it because the replacement was not ready and the writer ordered another novelist to finish the plot.

Globo then put Lauro Cezar Muniz on with the feuilleton, but ended up shortening Sol de Verão and finished the telenovela in two weeks. To occupy the time until the replacement is ready, the broadcaster reprized the soap opera O Casarão in a compact edition.

Body and soul

Written by Gloria Perez, De Corpo e Alma is a soap opera that has been practically erased. In addition to not having a chance to rerun, it will hardly appear on any platform, such as Globoplay, for example.

The plot was marked by the murder of Daniella Perez, daughter of the novelist. She was killed by Guilherme de Padua and his wife, Paula Thomaz. In the week in which the crime was being investigated, Gilberto Braga and Leonor Bassères began to write the chapters. Afterwards, Gloria returned and finished the story.

bang bang

With a different proposal for the seven o’clock time, Bang Bang brought a story set in the old west and was a real fiasco. The serial had problems from the beginning, with low ratings.

After 34 chapters, author Mario Prata left work due to health problems. With that, Carlos Lombardi took over the soap opera and changed the story. Ultimately, the production was shortened by thirty chapters and ended ahead of schedule.

Modern times

Shown in 2010, Modern Times is one more on the list of bets that failed in the 19h range. The story signed by Bosco Brasil dropped the Ibope and became a headache for Globo.

The plot that addressed the relationship between man and technology was not exciting. As if that weren’t enough, Grazi Massafera was heavily criticized by her villain, Deodora.

The Law of Love

A novel that marked the debut of Maria Adelaide Amaral and Vincent Villari at the nine o’clock, A Lei do Amor is a plot that even the author herself prefers to forget. With low ratings, it underwent several changes and even had the intervention of Silvio de Abreu, then the channel’s dramaturgy director.

Going through problems in the ibope, the plot was all modified and suffered a mutilation with the changes. To make matters worse, the actor José Mayer was accused of harassment by one of the costume designers of the plot.

The Seventh Guardian

Aguinaldo Silva’s last telenovela on Globo, O Sétimo Guardião had problems behind the scenes since before the premiere. The plot became the target of a legal dispute in which students of a masterclass by the author asked to be recognized as authors of the work.

The problems multiplied with the telenovela on the air. In addition to the low ratings, Marina Ruy Barbosa and José Loreto had their names involved in a controversy. To make matters worse, Bruno Gagliasso had to undergo surgery in a hurry and had to be absent from history for a while in the final stretch.

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