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Santo Domingo.- Police agents, attached to the Department of Investigation of Crimes and High Technology Crimes (DICAT), arrested a man and a woman, identified as part of a powerful criminal structure that would have defrauded more than 2,000 citizens.

According to a police report, the scammers used an alleged company to commit their misdeeds, promising their victims to clean their credit histories using a phantom firm.

They are Malvin Joel Soriano Robles and Roxanna Milagros Villeta Gómez, who were arrested in response to the order through judicial arrest warrants NO. 973-2022-EMES-05763 and NO. 530-EMES-2022-07110, issued by competent judicial authorities.

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In the investigative process it has been possible to establish that after the “digital signature” through the page leads to a link to the WhatsApp application that “entangles” the citizens victims of the fraudulent action, where they are in a Within 30 days or less, they begin to receive compulsive charges for amounts of up to DOP$50,000.00 pesos.

It has also been established that the aforementioned company disguises the aforementioned amount of money as supposed payments of fees, which the victims have a time limit set by the company for them to be made, and if not, they end up with their accounts. banks and repossessed properties.


The Police also reported that yesterday afternoon a search was carried out using car No. 973-2022-EMES-08249, in the company of a representative of the Public Ministry at the premises where the company PROCREDITO DOMIINICANA operates, located in Plaza Galería de Naco, on Tiradentes avenue at the corner of Fantino Falco.

Couple of scammers linked to a criminal network are arrested-2

In the intervention, different electronic equipment was seized, including 11 cell phones, 2 zwiches, 17 computers (CPU), thousands of documents including embargo documents, contracts with digital signatures of their victims and invoices, among other evidence.

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