A Fazenda 2022: Director denies participation of former homeless man

How Power Couple Brazil 6 in progress, the announcement of Mariana Rios as presenter of Record Island 2netizens are already starting to speculate about who will be the participants of the most famous reality show on Record TV: The Farm 2022. One of the names mentioned this week was that of former homeless man Givaldo Alves. However, it seems that the presence of the controversial former beggar in the rural attraction will not happen.

In a statement sent to columnist Léo Dias, the program’s director, Rodrigo Carelli, said he has not yet called anyone to cast the next season of The Farm. He also said that did not even close the Record Island participantsprogram that premieres in July.

“We didn’t even probe. We haven’t called anyone to the Farm yet. We are still closing the casting for the Island”, said Carelli. Shortly thereafter, he added the information through his Twitter profile: “To make it very clear to everyone. We do not and will not invite Givaldo to participate in the next season of the Farm”, wrote the director of the reality show.

Himself Givaldo Alves also spoke about the matter on his social networks: “I’ve already publicly warned that I’m not interested in going to the Farm… Maybe I’ll tell you why, but for now I’d rather just decline”, he fired.

Fame of former homeless man Givaldo Alves

Former homeless man Givaldo Alves gained prominence in the media after being caught having sex with a personal trainer’s wife, who ended up assaulting him when he discovered the case. Givaldo has been investigated for suspected abuse in the Federal District. The woman, according to a medical report, suffers from “bipolar affective disorder in manic and psychotic phase”.

The former beggar also engaged in a virtual discussion with Deolane Bezerra, widow of MC Kevinwho was disgusted by his fame and the fact that he even had fans.

“I feel rancid from going on the internet and seeing this beggar. And this bunch of women giving attention to this disgusting guy. The people treating the guy as if he had saved humanity. The guy helped sink another woman.”fired the lawyer.

As an answer, Givaldo provoked Deolane: “Perhaps you are indignant that a beggar has gained fame and notoriety, even through a tragedy. But then, I thought, maybe we have something in common… Little Blossom.”he mocked.

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