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Anxious about the end of The Farm 2022🇧🇷 Iran Malfitano and Pele MilFlows they have already started planning how to defend themselves against group A in next week’s farm on the reality show.

With the program close to ending, Iran reflected on this final stretch. 🇧🇷Do you realize that the next swidden will be on the 1st of December?”questioned the actor, who believes he is in the sights of Bia Miranda, Pétala Barreiros, Moranguinho and Deolane Bezerra.



The two commented on the proof of farmer, and for Pelé, if Ellen Cardoso was Farmer he would have chances to escape. The conversation took place before the competition and Gretchen’s step-granddaughter got the upper hand.

Then the musician commented that Naldo’s wife could put one of the men and the former Malhação added: “It is logical that she goes for me, Pelé. Of the three men, I am the first on the list, André the second and you the third”🇧🇷

To complete, the rapper commented that the women of group A plan to put only men in the next hot seat and thus create a rivalry between the pawns. Without wanting to believe it, the actor stated that this would not happen.

Roça Falsa in A Fazenda 2022

On this Wednesday’s (23rd) live show, Adriane Galisteu told the audience of A Fazenda 2022 that the next swidden will be fake. That is, none of the participants will be eliminated.

“Hold on to your emotions, people, because next week there’s going to be a fake swidden and we’re going to have a lot of surprises. You don’t lose by waitingrevealed the presenter on the night of the 11th farmer’s test.

“I already warned you and that’s it. I’ll tell you the details at the right time, but hold on to that emotion because next week there’s a fake garden. There, i said it!”finished.

With Bia Miranda farmer for the third time, Bárbara Borges, Babi, Kerline and Moranguinho ended up in the fields. Including, it is being the first hot seat of the ex-BBB who until then had never sat on the stool.

Through his official Twitter profile, Rodrigo Carelli, director of rural reality, confirmed the fake garden. “That’s exactly what Galisteu said! We’re going to have Roça Falsa next week!“, he wrote. It is worth noting that the program ends on December 15th.

Iran Malfitano cheated on ex-wife with someone close to the couple

The actor Iran Malfitanoaged 41, is in The Farm 2022 and has already spoken about having cheated on his ex-wife, Elaine Albano. Even without going into too much detail, he confessed that he was wrong with his ex, who forgave him at the time.

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Now, according to columnist Fábia Oliveira, the pawn would have cheated on his ex with a very close friend of the couple. Also, it all happened when Elaine was away on a trip at her mother’s house.

The betrayal allegedly took place in the former Malhação’s apartment in his apartment in the Recreio neighborhood, west of Rio de Janeiro. The two had sex in the bed that belonged to the couple.

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