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In a conversation with Bia Miranda and Small strawberry🇧🇷 Petal Barreiros spoke about the use of medicines from Kerline Cardoso this Tuesday (22). While they were discussing the formation of the farm in A Fazenda 2022, the influencer made a serious accusation against the rival.

Gretchen’s granddaughter complained about the ex-BBB not having been in any hot seat in the edition: “Kerline never even sat on the stool. She gets angry. We take a stand, go to the fields, cry, get nervous and they don’t pass any of that and go to the final”.



Hearing this, Petal fired at the pawn: “And she just sits there taking medication for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) to lose weight🇧🇷 Then the two laughed and Tiktoker commented that the colleague “no good” for making this kind of joke.

Ellen Cardoso, the Small strawberryquestioned why the rival wanted to lose more weight. “Loss more weight? Only if it goes into a bottle”, mocked the wife of Naldo Benny🇧🇷 “That’s why she takes it. Attention Deficit Remedyreaffirmed the businesswoman.

Kerline’s team speaks after Pétala’s speech in A Fazenda 2022

Outraged, Kerline Cardoso’s team spoke out and defended the participant of A Fazenda 2022. The ex-sister’s social media administrators claimed that Pétala’s speech was irresponsible.

“Kerline is treated out here. She takes care of herself, undergoes psychotherapy and understands how important psychological health is. We would like Pétala to also know what this is and how it affects many people! Kerline is a doctor for HEALTH. And health is serious! they said.

Pétala says he uses medicine in A Fazenda 2022

Despite having spoken about the rival, Pétala also uses medicine within confinement. In a conversation with Lucas Santos (already eliminated), Marcos Araujo’s ex said that he suffers from binge eating and that’s why he takes medication to control it.

“When I’m really anxious, I take it all out on food”, said. At the time, Lucas took advantage of the moment and revealed that he suffers from anxiety and that he felt better for having started treatment.

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A Fazenda 2022: Petal of the pull in piece and almost shows too much

While the other farmhands slept in the room, Pétala decided to take off her clothes and put on her bikini to take a shower. She bet on a chess piece, in green and white colors. At one point, when adjusting the panties, the influencer pulled the underwear and almost had her butt on display.

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