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Vini Butteldeleted from The Farm 2022, took some questions from the followers in their Instagram Stories. Among the questions, one person wanted to know if the room in which the participants stay in the reality stank.

“So… It stinks. I smelled more foot odor. THE Deolaneas she had the most sensitive sense of smell, she felt, in her words, full of dirty ass and that everyone was greasy”, he commented, laughing.



Next, an internet user asked if Deolane Bezerra actually had bad breath, since in reality Deborah Albuquerque not only did she accuse her rival of having a bad smell in her mouth, she also called her “stuffy” and repeated this curse while she was on the program several times.

So, to deny this rumor, the model said that the former Power Couple often prepared tuna pate, a food that usually causes an uncomfortable odor. However, the nickname started when, in one of the fights between the two, the actress got very close and the lawyer said to her: “Get out there, tuna breath, you snort!”.

In this, Deborah appropriated the nickname, but according to Vini, Deolane doesn’t have any bad breath. Including, in addition to not having this problem, the famous is one of the most bathed in reality, according to the former pawn. She was different from other people who went more than three days without washing, according to him.

Vini Buttel defends Deolane Bezerra after leaving A Fazenda 2022

Participating in Link Podcast, live, on Youtube, Vini Buttel came out in defense of Deolane Bezerra. The former participant opined that The Farm 2022 era of Dutura and whether everything revolved around her, people loving or hating her, the reality show has the blonde as the biggest highlight of the edition, according to her vision of the game.

“Yes, she is foul-mouthed, yes, she swears. But you have to get her background, she is a criminal lawyer. Yes, she is foul-mouthed and I went up to her and said ‘Deolane, you’re a doctor, a lawyer, you don’t need to call her a bitch*’”, said. “She looked at me and said it’s her way. She knows it’s her way,” she concluded.

When he was in the rural program, Vini participated in group A, which included Bezerra and his allies. The influencer’s lines and behavior gave and are still giving Record’s attraction something to talk about.

A Fazenda 2022: Vini Buttel forgets the cameras and displays intimate parts

When he was still confident in A Fazenda 2022, Vini Buttel ended up showing too much. At the time, the boy had his private parts in evidence and netizens went wild.

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While getting ready to sleep, the model went to the bedroom and took off his shorts, showing that he was without underwear. Despite the place being dark, it was possible to see Vini’s penis very clearly.

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