A great musical number will animate season 3 of The Boys

“Dancing With the Stars is nothing to us!”

It will swing in The Boys. The upcoming season 3 will feature a big musical number, as confirmed by this new, never-before-seen image unveiled by EW, which shows a preview of this future scene, in which Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) will embark on an epic pas de deux with Frenchie ( Tomer Capone), with choreography by Amy Wright.

I stood in the middle of the set as the main character… I never thought my dream would come true“, remembers the actress in EW, before specifying that “season 3 of The Boys will start with a jump in time. We’ll see what Kimiko does with Frenchie. She is finally able to go out and find out what she likes, dislikes. Who is she deep down as a normal girl? You’ll see in Season 3 what she’s chosen to do over the past year, getting a taste of what normal life is like for her, away from death and violence.”

Capone and she therefore trained hard to achieve this musical number. “Dancing With the Stars is nothing to us!“, laughs the actor.

Note also the magazine cover of Den of Geek magazine, which highlights Soldier Boy, a new character played by the former star of supernatural, Jensen Ackles, which overlooks all the Supes. It must be said that he was the first of them…

Season 3 of The Boys will debut on June 3, 2022 on Amazon Prime Video.

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