A Netflix hit and 3 DC series canceled!  That's the way it is with 22 favorite series

The US broadcaster The CW is not only home to numerous DC series, but also to shows such as Riverdale and The Denver Clan, which can be seen in Germany on Netflix. Well, The CW has over the future of a total of 22 series decided. DC fans must be strong now.

The CW is one of the five major US networks that present their new series for the coming season every May. We have put together an overview of the discontinued, extended and new series 2022/2023 for you here.

Riverdale, Arrowverse & More: All Series Renewed by The CW

A few months before this year’s Upfronts, The CW renewed 7 series. In this country, Netflix fans can look forward to a sequel to the teen series Riverdale – even if the stars had wanted something else. The two DC series will also remain fans in the next season The Flash and Superman & Lois obtain. Wait, just two? Unfortunately were not all DC series for further seasons extended.

Farewell to 3 DC series: These series have been canceled or ended by The CW

The two Arrowverse shows Black Lightning and Supergirl just ended last year. Now we have to say goodbye to three other DC series:

A total of 11 series are not returning for more episodes. The new DC series Naomi only made it to 13 episodes. Losing the wacky superhero series Legends of Tomorrow is particularly hard ended early after 7 seasons and a massive cliffhanger became.

Watch the trailer for the canceled DC series Naomi:

Naomi – S01 Teaser Trailer (English) HD


However, the fate of the following series is still unclear:

The CW is completing this year a real blow and is drastically reducing his program for the coming season. There are several reasons for this, including numerous behind-the-scenes changes resulting from the merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery and the pending sale to Nexstar Media Group. Previously, The CW was equally owned by Paramount Global and Warner Bros. Discovery.

Supernatural prequel and more DC: These are the new series from The CW 2022/2023

The CW had just three pilot episodes for potential new series produced this year before the Upfronts. With the cancellation of a total of 11 series, a gaping gap in the program schedule opened up in which all three new series could find a place.

The 22 biggest series highlights in 2022: What’s coming from Netflix, Amazon & Co.?

The year 2022 is bursting with upcoming series highlights on Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ and more. And we present you the 22 best of them in the Moviepilot podcast:

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