"A tightrope walk": climate becomes a topic at Sat.1 Austria

The extreme heat has had Europe under control in recent weeks. This caused problems for people and animals, transformed meadows and lakes into steppes, caused glaciers to break off and forest fires to break out.

This much seems certain: the climate crisis no longer leaves anyone cold. “Grade hike – The climate magazine with Manuel Kelemen” takes on this topic on Sundays (20.05) in Sat.1 Austria. In initially five episodes – with a plan to extend it – the meteorologist of the ProSiebenSat.1Puls4 Group will investigate the causes, effects and consequences. The aim is to raise awareness. “Our world is changing – for far too long people have simply looked on and ignored the fact that this change also means danger,” says Kelemen.

The first episode is about the constant rise in temperatures and the effects on Austria. Does a difference of one or two degrees even matter?

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