Aaron-Taylor Johnson introduces Kraven the Hunter: "Spider-Man's #1 rival, animal lover"

“He’s neither an alien nor a wizard, appreciates the actor. He’s a very, very cool character.”

The filming of Kraven the Hunter just finished in England. After Venom and Morbiusand while waiting El Muerto and Madame Webwe will soon discover this new spin-off of Spiderman devoted to one of his enemies, Sergei Kravinov, alias Kraven the Hunter, who is described in the comics as a formidable adversary of Spider-Man: an outstanding hunter who has taken it into his head to take revenge on Peter Parker and who will therefore hunt him down. His interpreter, Aaron Taylor Johnson (who has already dabbled in the superhero genre with Kick-Ass and Quicksilver’s role in avengers 2), was present at CineEurope, a convention taking place in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where major film studios present their upcoming blockbusters. In addition to mentioning Bullet Trainan action film by David Leitch that will see him go up against Brad Pitt aboard a speeding train, he spoke about Kraven for the first time, hinting that he will be quite different from his model drawn.

In this film directed by JC Chandor (Margin Call, All is Lost), nothing says that he will face Spider-Man, to begin with. Tom Holland does not appear in Venom against Tom Hardy, nor in Morbius facing Jared Leto, so logically, Kraven the Hunter should also be a solo adventure. In addition, he will be visibly more modern than his model appeared in the comics from the 1960s, where he boasted of having slaughtered wild animals with his bare hands, then put on their skins as a trophy outfit. “He’s one of Marvel’s most well-known and iconic anti-heroes, Spider-Man’s #1 rival. He’s not an alien or a wizard. He’s just a hunter, a human with convictions. An animal lover, who is also a protector of the natural world. A very, very cool character.” Unlike Sony’s previous comic book adaptations, this one was also shot mostly on location, not in the studio. Last month, Aaron Taylor-Johnson was also photographed in the middle of the street in London, running with his double, wearing both false feet to be able to turn without hurting themselves!

Kraven the Hunter is co-written by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway (who worked as a duo on Iron Man, Men in Black 4, Uncharted…) and Richard Wenk (The Equalizer). In addition to Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the film will be carried by Russell Crowe (who also plays Zeus in Thor 4, at Disney-Marvel). It is set to hit theaters on January 13, 2023.

Kraven the Hunter: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, his double and their fake feet on the set of the Sony super-movie [photos]

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