President Luis Abinader explained that this season

President Luis Abinader assured this morning that this tourist season will be the first in the world with practically no restrictions.

On his side, the tourism minister, David Collado, said that more than 450,000 cruise passengers of 170 nationalities will come during the period from January to May with a yearly investment of 135 million dollars and employment of 4,000 direct and 10 thousand indirect.

«The long-awaited normality is already here and in the Dominican Republic we have prepared for this moment. Not only will we break records, but this year will be the first in an ascending series that places our country as the best tourist destination in the world,” said the president.

“No one will regret it. The Dominican Republic is in fashion and we have returned to conquer the world from our coasts and ports. The best is yet to come, and we will do it with you as allies. See you in October”;.

Food prices continue “through the roof” 13

Abinader announced that in the month of July it will break ground for the cruise port in Samaná.

He said that one of the greatest efforts of his Government in these almost two years has been oriented towards the development of the Tourism industry, its empowerment, sustained growth and the consolidation of the Dominican Republic as a tourist power.

“You are a benchmark in the travel cruise sector and today you have chosen that the next stop on your successful route is in the Dominican Republic,” he said.

He maintained that as President of the Republic, he appreciates the interest and efforts made by everyone to make this conference a reality and to be held successfully in the month of October. “They have our full support.”

He said that the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association is a leading non-profit trade organization made up of 22 affiliated Cruise Companies, which operate more than a hundred ships in the state of Florida, the Caribbean and Latin America, while having with Platinum Members made up of government authorities, ports, tour operators and other service providers.

abinader and tourism
Food prices continue “through the roof” 14

“This organization is a sign of excellence with an impeccable roadmap in favor of quality tourism, development and employment,” he said.

He specified that they share objectives and goals and that he is sure that together, they will reach the port that everyone wants to reach: “that of shared progress and development.”

He recalled that the country had already hosted the FCCA annual conference in Santo Domingo in 2010 and hosted the PAMAC Meeting in Puerto Plata 2015 and Punta Cana 2018.

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“From the Dominican Republic we guarantee all the participants of this future conference the same: commitment, a safe port, serious and internationally supported protocols, and a first-level operations scheme,” he said.

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