According to Quentin Tarantino, we are in one of the worst periods in the history of cinema

On par with the 1950s and 1980s.

After the novelization ofOnce Upon A Time…in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino releases a new book titled Cinema Speculation. The opportunity to share some surprises in an interview, such as the announcement of his first series ! After having revealed to everyone’s surprise that he intended to film 8 episodes of a new show (he would be fully in charge, unlike his rare television projects: an episode ofEmergency rooma double for The experts…), he explained during the podcast Sirius-XM that his favorite film within his own career was not pulp Fictionneither Reservoir Dogsbut precisely his last, Once Upon A Time…in Hollywood. He also expressed his disappointment with the current films. Which isn’t a surprise, sincehe recently criticized Marvel productions, which are a hit at the box office. Here are his words:

“Even if the 80s represent the period when I personally saw the most films of all my life – at least if we talk about going to the cinema – I find that the cinema of these years – there, like the 1950s, represent the worst period in Hollywood history. It’s only to be matched with today’s movies. The only ones that don’t conform to the norm these days are the ones that stand out of the lot.”

Quentin Tarantino pays François Truffaut: “I think he’s a very passionate amateur, but clumsy”

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