O Yeong-su

the actor of The Squid Game, Or Yeong-su, faces serious accusations of sexual misconduct against him. The 78-year-old interpreter, known for giving life to Oh Il-nam in the Netflix hit, he received accusations for a situation that would have occurred Five years ago.

Nevertheless, he came out to deny the accusations against him and gave his side of the story. Thus, she responded to the controversy, which quickly went viral among the media. international and social networks.

What happened to the actor from The Squid Game?

As reported Deadline, the actor Or Yeong-su, who rose to global fame with The Squid Game, received accusations of sexual misconduct. A woman claimed that the interpreter behaved improperly after a meeting Five years ago.

It should be noted that the case was reported at the beginning of the year and was closed, without charges against the actor. However, the woman appealed the decision and seeks to reopen the charges. Given this, the interpreter sent a response, where he denied his statements.

“I just took her hand to guide her across the lake. I apologized because she said she wouldn’t make a problem about it. But that doesn’t mean she admits to her accusations.” stated the actor The Squid Game about the charges he faces.

Although he has a career spanning more than five decades, O Yeong-su He became world famous after his role in The Squid Game. In the Netflix series, the actor plays to the oldest player in the game, who would rather die in this game than from his brain tumor.

O Yeong-su

For her performance at the global hit, the actor won the award for Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Globes. In addition, it was nominated in the same category at the 2022 Emmy Awards, where the series made history by being the first Korean and international to receive these awards.

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