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Actors of the new 6 o’clock soap opera: who’s who in Mar do Sertão

Actors of the new 6 o'clock soap opera

Mar do Sertão hits Globo’s small screens on August 22nd. The feuilleton by Mário Teixeira will replace Além da Illusion at 18:00 and will feature a plot set in the fictional city of Canta Pedra, located in the northeastern hinterland. The actors of the new 6 o’clock soap opera are already appearing in the production calls on TV Globo and the public has gradually gotten to know each character.

Sérgio Guizé is the protagonists among the actors of the new 6 o’clock soap opera

Sérgio Guizé is Zé Paulino in the plot of Mar do Sertão, protagonist of the plot. In love with Candoca, he is about to marry the girl, when fate plays a trick on him. Honest and courageous above all, he receives an important mission from Colonel Tertúlio on the eve of his wedding. During the trip, he ends up in an accident and is presumed dead.

Ten years pass and Zé Paulino returns to the city of Canta Pedra to everyone’s surprise. He meets Candoca again and seeks justice. For those who miss Guizé, the last novels of the famous were O Outro Lado do Paraíso (2017 – 2018), A Dona do Pedaço (2019) and Verdades Secretas (2021).

Isadora Cruz is the girl in the plot of Mar do Sertão

Still little known on the small screen, Isadora Cruz from Paraíba is in her second soap opera. To date, the young woman has only appeared in Haja Coração (2016), a serial by Daniel Ortiz, in which she played the character Cris. In Mar do Sertão, Isadora will play the protagonist Candoca, a girl in love with the brave Zé Paulino. She will be the target of the desires of the bad character Tertulinho – played by Renato Góes – who wants to be with the girl at all costs.

Candoca é a flor mais linda de todo sertão! | Mar do Sertão 🌵 | TV Globo

Erico Brás

Érico Brás from Bahia is one of the actors in the new 6 o’clock soap opera. He will play a dubious journalist named Eudoro Cidão. In the plot, the journalist is vain, smart, sycophantic and works in an important local newspaper, Gazeta de Canta Pedra.

In addition to being an actor, Brás is also a singer. He has been away from soap operas since 2017, when he played the character Jader in the 9 pm serial A Lei do Amor.

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Renato Góes lives as a villain

After living the youth phase of Zé Leôncio in the first part of Pantanal, Renato Góes migrates to the 6pm band to play Tertulinho, villain of Mar do Sertão. The actor from Pernambuco lives in the plot as the son of Colonel Tertúlio (José de Abreu) ​​and Deodora (Debora Bloch). He’s a womanizer and just wants to know how to live off his father’s money.

At the beginning of the serial, the bad character will be present in the accident that almost takes the life of Zé Paulino, but he will return to Canta Pedra alive.

Tertulinho (renato góes), tertúlio (josé de abreu) ​​and deodora (débora bloch) in the list of actors for the new 6 o’clock soap – photo: reproduction/globo

Lucas Galvino

Lucas Galvino will play the character Mirinho, son of Timbó, played by Enrique Diaz, and Tereza, played by Clarissa Pinheiro. The couple’s firstborn, he has brothers Rosinha (Manuella Guimarães/Sara Vidal) and Joca (Miguel Venerabile). The boy gets involved with bad company, because he wants to get along without making much effort.

Photo: reproduction/globe

Clarissa Pinheiro

After working on the last two in the 9pm range, with Amor de Mãe, and in the 11pm range, with Verdades Secretas, now Clarissa Pinheiro moves to the 6pm range to play Tereza in the list of actors in the new 6 o’clock soap opera. She is married to Timbó and is a kind countrywoman and devoted to her family. Very religious, the woman is strong, but also suffered because of her life story. She is the mother of Mirinho, Rosinha and Joca in Mar do Sertão.

Photo: reproduction/globe

Enrique Diaz

After playing Gil in Pantanal, actor Enrique Diaz appears among the actors of the new 6 o’clock soap opera to play Timbó, a drought survivor. He is married to Tereza and has three children. The character promises to have good humor and moments of charisma to please the audience. He’s smart, creative and sometimes a bit of a rogue.

Photo: reproduction/globe

Felipe Velozo

Bahian actor Felipe Velozo will play Tomás, the bank manager in the city of Canta Pedra. In addition to being among the actors in TV Globo’s new 6 o’clock soap opera, Velozo is already quoted for series on HBO MAX and Amazon Prime Video. In recent years, he has appeared in the series Família Paraíso, the film Marighella and in Irmãos Freitas.

Photo: reproduction/globe

José de Abreu is one of the actors in the new 6 o’clock soap opera

José de Abreu will have a prominent role among the actors in the new 6 o’clock soap opera. The actor will play Colonel Tertúlio, Zé Paulino’s boss, Tertulinho’s father and Deodora’s husband in Mar do Sertão. His family owns the only reservoir in the city and has great influence in Canta Pedra.

To prepare his son as his successor, Tertúlio sends his son to study in the capital, but the boy does not dedicate himself to anything other than women and enjoyment. José de Abreu’s last soap opera aired from 2021 to 2022 on TV Globo’s 9pm slot, Um Lugar ao Sol.

Welder Rodrigues

Actor and comedian Welder Rodrigues will play the character Sabá Bodó, mayor of the city of Canta Pedra. The story of the politician boils down to two great desires in the plot, to have money and stay in power. Mar do Sertão will be Welder’s first telenovela, who in recent years has been dedicated to the comedy shows Tá no Ar: A TV na TV and Zorra Total.

Photo: reproduction/globe

Cyria Coriander

Cyria Coentro plays Dodôca in the plot of the novel. She is the mother of the protagonist Candoca, she is beautiful and suffered. A widow, she works as a seamstress and her years of hard work have left worrying marks on her health. In recent years, Cyria has acted in Impuros, Under Pressure and O Tempo Não Para.

Photo: reproduction/globe

Giovana Cordeiro

Recently seen in Pantanal as the prostitute Generosa, mother of Zé Lucas, actress Giovana Cordeiro plays Xaviera in Mar do Sertão. The woman is seductive and ambitious and promises to cause the feuilleton. At the beginning of the plot, she is the lover of the villain Tertulinho.

Photo: reproduction/globe

Mariana Sena

Mariana Sena plays Lorena, one of Candoca’s inseparable friends. The young woman is the niece of Zezo (Nanego Lira), the priest of Canta Pedra, and lives sad and happy moments alongside the protagonist of Isadora Cruz. Lorena has already been married and dreams of finding a new husband. The actress was recently in the series Second Call and All the Women in the World.

Actress is one of the actors in the new 6 o’clock soap opera – photo: reproduction/globo

Theresa Fonseca

Actress Theresa Fonseca plays Labibe in Mar do Sertão, another inseparable friend of Candoca. The girl hopes to meet a prince charming, but she has little faith in the matter. Her father, Zahym (César Ferrario), promised her to a sheikh.

Photo: reproduction/globe

Everaldo Pontes

Veteran Everaldo Pontes will play the character Adamastor in the cast of actors in the new 6 o’clock soap opera, which will play an important role right at the beginning of the plot. The famous one will be a goat herder who rescues Zé Paulino from the waters after the boy’s accident.

In a conversation with Globo’s official website, in July, the actor described his character as: “it is an entity that hovers over the characters of the soap opera. He arrives to make revelations.”

Photo: reproduction/globe

Cesar Ferrario

Cesár Ferrario will play Labibe’s father, Candoca’s close friend. His character in the next 6 o’clock soap will be called Zahym and he will be a merchant of Persian rugs, appliances and more necessities. In the plot of the novel, he will promise his daughter to a sheikh.

Recently, the actor participated in the soap opera Pantanal as Clemente and also acted in Aruanas. Before Pantanal, her last novel had been A Dona do Pedaço (2019).

Cesar among actors of the new 6 o’clock soap opera – photo: reproduction/globo

Deborah Bloch plays Shrew

Deborah Bloch will have a not-so-good character in the plot of Mar do Sertão. The actress will play the shrewd and obstinate Deodora, Tertulinho’s mother and Colonel Tertúlio’s wife. The character will be the mainstay of her family. She is rational and practical and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her son and maintain her family’s power status.

Deborah Bloch was quoted for the 9pm band when the Pantanal cast was being selected. The actress was mentioned among possible interpreters of Maria Bruaca, but did not end up in the role. In 2021, she appeared in the second season of the series Second Call.

Nanego Lira

Nanego Lira plays Zezo, the priest from the town of Canta Pedra and Lorena’s uncle. He’s funny and has a sense of humor that never ends. The last soap opera of the actor from Paraíba was Amor de Mãe, also on TV Globo. Before that, he was in Where the Strong Are Born and in the film Piedade.

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