Actress Konstanze Breitebner is far from retiring

“At first we wanted to get married very quickly, actually as soon as we met. Then so many things intervened. Then I had our daughter (Note: Laura), then we had so much work and never had time, then I wanted a real proposal and in 2016 he made me a real proposal and then it was time.”

And of course she always gets tips from him, he is her coach and toughest critic, as she says. “We also get into arguments about the stories. I think that’s behind us privately. We argued a lot, had tough arguments. But after so many years, you know each other,” she says with a smile.

But she feels comfortable in all creative areas, whether in front of the camera, on stage or while writing. She calls these the different areas of her life.

From June 23rd she will be back on stage. Namely on the Rosenburg (Lower Austria) in the Niavarani-piece “Fully Veiled”. “An incredibly groovy, funny, politically incorrect piece that I really enjoy and I think the audience will laugh too.”

Current topics such as radicalization and male dominance are also taken up in a humorous way. “I also have an obligation to deliver something funny on stage, and I think, especially when it comes to the topics of radicalization, concealment, oppression of women, exploitation, sexualization of women – if you manage to produce a laugh, then maybe it will work such a nail in the head. Maybe then we’ll manage to break down our own prejudices. That’s what I wish for and I think we’ll succeed.”

Breitebner still has many professional dreams. “To write as many films as possible. I still have a lot to tell and play, play, play. I should end up spending time with my granddaughter, but I’m far from retiring.”

And you can see what she thinks of the “Traumschiff” series (she has already written episodes) in the video above.

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