Rafaella Santos

The comings and goings of Rafaella Santos and Gabigol Internet users are already tired, but this time, it seems like it’s for real. Neymar’s sister used social media to inform that he was permanently moving to another country after the last breakup with the player.

On Instagram, the famous wrote a message to the thousands of followers and commented that she was devastated by the departure, but that it was necessary to get out of the sameness that she was living in Brazil.



“It was all so fast! Anyway. Farewell is always the saddest part of any move. From any match! It hurts a lot to be separated from all of you. But life forces transformations and new beginnings!“, started.

Rafaela also claimed that she will miss her home country, but that the road was long and she needed to move as soon as possible. “It’s actually hard to get out of your comfort zone., where everything is in its place and we feel at home. It turns out that my mission is to continue my path on a road that is far from your track. But on an even more beautiful road! I will miss you,” he concluded.

Rafaella Santos says goodbye to Brazil after disappointment with Gabigol (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Rafaella Santos arrives in Ibiza

A millionaire, Rafaella was recently in Ibiza and commented on social media that the trip was last minute and without planning. “It was out of the blue, without planning and it’s been unforgettable!” she wrote in the caption of the photos she posted on Instagram.

In the clicks, you can see Camila Loures and other anonymous friends, in addition to her nephew, Davi Lucca, son of Neymar Jr with Carol Dantas, Vinicius Martinez and little Valentin, Carol’s husband and son.

Rafaella Santos

Rafaella vents after scare with Neymar’s plane

Not long ago, Rafaella Santos was circulating on a jet with Neymar and the star’s current girlfriend, Bruna Biancardi, when the player’s plane had a problem and had to get off in Roraima. The situation caused panic among the passengers. The trio returned from a trip to the United States.

“Finally home! It was quite a scare, but everyone was fine! Thank you for the messages”, wrote Rafaella.

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