Graciele Lacerda

Graciele Lacerdawife of Zezé Di Camargoused her social networks to deny that she and the singer are on a war footing after the sertanejo share a very nervous video right after being woken up by the digital influencer.

“Let me tell you something: it’s six o’clock in the morning, Graciele made me wake up to come here at the window to look at the sun. I told her, it’s reality, it’s not lack of romanticism! I talked: ‘Graciele the sun has been there since I was born! We’re going to die and he’s going to stay there, let me sleep for God’s sake!’”he said.

“We find it hard to sleep, I have insomnia, when I sleep she wakes me up to see the sun. Holy shit, this sun will stay there until the day we leave!”, he said.

Through the question box in Instagram stories, the digital influencer was asked if the countryman had been irritated when he was woken up early. “You woke up Zezé to see the sun, he got mad at you… Is he always like this?” asked one user.

“Of course not, right, guys. First I didn’t wake him up. I never wake him. Second, he made a joke. And thirdly, if it were true, he hadn’t even made stories.”she explained.

Graciele Lacerda denies crisis in her marriage to Zezé Di Camargo (Reproduction/Instagram)

Beginning of the romance with the sertanejo

Recently, Graciele Lacerda had a chat with Quem magazine and told about the difficult beginning of her relationship with Zezé Di Camargo. Digital influencer said she suffered a lot of prejudice for being next to the country people.

“I’m very much like that, of letting things happen. I was never one to rush, to want things for yesterday, even if it brought suffering. Our situation has not been a bed of roses. We suffered a lot for being together and there is still a lot of prejudice. Because of all this, the fact that we wanted to be together, it made us mature, think we need to unite. And life is showing us. Nothing like time. And have respect for the people who were part of his story. He knows, the children know how much I respect that and I know how to separate one thing from the other”, said she, who assumed the relationship with the singer in 2014.

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