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Last weekend, the influencer Thais Carla decided to open his box of questions on Instagram. In one of the questions, she was criticized by an internet user and responded accordingly.

“Why do you romanticize obesity? It’s true that you have to love yourself, but all that weight is already a disease, dear”, shot the person. Undaunted, Thais replied as follows: “Kiss of light for you beautiful”.



In the next question, another netizen asked if anyone had ever offended the former dancer of singer Anitta, to which Thais replied, short and sincere: “Every day”.

It’s really not the first time Thais suffers from judgments about her body, but the famous always tries to respond in the most positive way possible, counteracting hate with love.

Thais Carla’s Instagram (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Fatphobia in the delivery room

In time, Carla told WHO who suffered fatphobia in the delivery room, hearing from the doctor that she ‘got lucky’.

“It was horrible, I stayed for about three days to have the baby in the delivery room. She was 9 months old now. In the end, my daughter was almost dying from so many things that ‘stuck’ in me. Then the doctor said: ‘You were lucky today’. As everyone was pressuring me, I was ‘lucky’ for him to deliver my baby. He said that my stitches would burst because I was fat, that they would not heal. And nothing happened. In 15 days, I was fine”vented.

Financial difficulties

At another time, Thais revealed to QUEM that she moved from São Paulo to Bahia, with her husband and their two daughters, due to financial difficulties.

“I came [para a Bahia] to have a better quality of life. I love Salvador, which has incredible energy, and we decided to stay. We lived behind my mother-in-law’s house while we built our own”, she said, who lived in Presidente Prudente, in São Paulo.

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About the high cost of living in the interior of São Paulo, Thais also explained that he needed to pay for sewage, something he never paid in Bahia.

“I rented a house that I thought I could afford. I was getting very distressed, because everything was more expensive. The cost of living in São Paulo is very high. We paid for sewage, something that didn’t happen in Bahia, the market was much more expensive, the girls’ school was very expensive, the condominium was bigger, there was the bill for the pool owner… It all accumulated”remembered. “It was another reality”, he also said at the time.

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