The singer vitão has been heavily criticized since adopting an agender fashion style, and this Tuesday (23) was no different.

After opening his box of questions on Instagram, an internet user called the artist weird and received a cross response. “Take care, weirdo”, shot the person.



To counter the offense, Vitão responded with a photo in which he appeared showing the middle finger with the following caption: “Talk to my green finger here”.

In the sequence, the famous showed another curse that he received. “You have become a freak”, said the person. “Human beings are all freaks”replied the ex-boyfriend of Luisa Sonza🇧🇷

Vitão (Image: Playback/Instagram)

Singer exposes intimacy

Recently, the artist gave an interview to the journalist Lucas Pasin, from Splash UOLin which he spoke of not liking labels to define himself.

“I don’t even like to define myself within some acronym. I run away from labels. I don’t define myself as straight, bi or gay, I’m everything… They give unreasonable importance to my sexuality. Who we sleep with or are attracted to shouldn’t be so important to others. People’s freedom or not, the places they can or cannot go, friendships, everything in life seems to be determined from that. That should be less important.”said.

“Obviously, a lot of people need this to establish themselves. We live in an extremely homophobic society. We live in a society where I feel good about being a nuisance. I like to bother. It’s a shitty society.”he further said.

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In time, the artist spoke, in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, about his experience as a producer. In addition to having sung the songs that make up the EP Once againthe musician also produced them.

“As a producer nowadays, I feel that I have much more artistic mastery of myself, to take my music where I want it, to communicate my music how I want it, to do different things, to depart a lot from the standards of musical formats”said.

“I’ve been feeling this freedom producing alone, to get out of it a lot and mess with the structures of the songs, to do different things that at first is not the model of the market and to go against the grain, to do this musical counterculture. This has been very interesting. As a producer, I have had more control over myself, my voice and everything I do musically”, said the famous, who is only 23 years old.

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