After controversy, João Gomes defends Maisa and criticizes Sonia Abrão

The singer João Gomes19 years old, has already made it clear several times his affection and admiration for the presenter Maisa, 20 years old. According to him, even the famous was his “crush” in adolescence. And this week, the artist proved that he really likes the actress very much.

In this ocasion, he defended Maisa, after the young woman received a pinprick from Sonia Abram. During the program A Tarde é Sua, from Rede TV!, the presenter criticized the fact that the former child star of SBT, had gone to Globo, where you can take over the bench for the new Video show (something that has yet to be confirmed).

“I find Maisa boring and unsympathetic. I can’t understand all that they do around her. This story of just her on the bench won’t last long”said Sonia. “If I was wrong [sobre Maisa], I bite my tongue and I’m going to swallow what I’m saying. I don’t think it lasts long.” continued the presenter.

According to the contractor of Rede TV!, the young should continue only in the acting career and not present programs.

“Is it over there [Maisa Silva] doesn’t have that support, leaves her on pay TV doing a series or a character. Leave her there. Now, to call her to the Video Show bench, a show that is going through decades of such drastic change? I prefer Ana Clara a thousand times”, highlighted Sonia Abram.

Check out Sonia Abram’s reviews below:

João Gomes defended Maisa

After the ‘Fofoquei’ profile on Instagram shared the video in which Sonia Abrão criticizes Maisa, singer João Gomes quickly expressed himself in the comments of the publication, coming out in defense of the famous.

“What a boring woman” wrote the artist, adding a “rancid” face. There, many fans supported the singer. “Defending crush that’s it brother”said a boy. “He defending his love, how beautiful”joked a follower. “I’m with you John! This woman can retire and leave Maisa alone”, Another fan commented. “I will agree that he is a cute people”, said another fan.

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