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After controversy with Maisa, João Gomes vents and defends himself from criticism

After controversy with Maisa, João Gomes vents and defends himself from criticism

The singer João Gomes went public to defend itself from the criticism it has suffered because of the Dengo music promotioncomposed especially for Maisa Silva. On social media, many people have claimed that there is an affair between the two.

After João Gomes once again released the song and reinforced the rumors about the two, Maisa published a sequence of messages making it clear that she is single.

After the repercussion, João shared a post where he responds to the confusion. He reaffirmed that the song is a tribute to Maisa and he is happy to see the song being successful throughout Brazil.

“The music is hers. But I’m not humiliating myself or anything else. Just thanking you so much. We were in a stadium. Look what a blessing”, commented the forrozeiro.

understand the case

Months ago, João Gomes caught the attention of fans by revealing that he always had a great admiration for Maisa, whom he saw growing up on TV. In a publication, the singer delighted several netizens with a sincere outburst about his “platonic love”.

A few months later he revealed that one of the songs on his new album was dedicated to the presenter. The track ended up gaining notoriety on platforms, mainly for its romantic verses.

This week Maisa went public to say that she was under pressure to assume an alleged relationship that does not exist. She also said that she is not the type of artist who uses polemics to gain media attention.

Difficult to take quiet pressure for politeness, respect and values. But I know that God does not put challenges in my life for nothing.. if I am where I am today, it was because I worked A LOT and I was lucky! My work has always had more repercussions than my personal life and may it always be that way“, published.

“I shared several moments from my old relationship (which was leaked four months ago) with you guys after a while, because the person didn’t want exposure and I respected that until the end! It was never like me to use this for buzz. And I never would. I’ve been single for seven months, living and enjoying every minute of my life and that’s fine! Everything always with balance and respecting my wishes”, she says.

The artist ended by asking people to respect her low-key lifestyle. “I have nothing to hide from anyone and I don’t accept that they put untruths in my mouth. please respect“, asks.

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