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Santo Domingo.- The Government ordered this Thursday the installation of cameras in all police stations as part of a set of measures to guarantee the physical integrity and human rights of people arrested by agents of the National Police within the measures aimed at Reform the National Police.

The commissioner for the Reform of the National Police, José Vila Castillo, when offering the information, said that there are also officials who, due to their behavior, do not deserve to be police officers or public servants and should be left out after an evaluation process.

Due to this, integrity tests will be carried out on all agents, starting with the senior positions of the Police and the implementation of mandatory action guides, based on decentralized responsibility, as announced.
The implementation of the police criminological consultation system will also be carried out on patrol telephones for the non-intrusive and respectful purification of citizens who are required by the authority in any circumstance.

The information was released during a press conference at the National Palace, where Vila was accompanied by the Minister of the Interior and Police, Jesús Vásquez Martínez (Chu), and the creation of a national center for traffic control and review and improvement of the traffic inspectorate, and the installation of cameras in all the detachments, control center and monitoring of the detachments in the Ministry of the Interior and Police.

Also place under the direct supervision of the Ministry of the Interior and Police the Department of Internal Affairs of the National Police, in order to guarantee the prompt and rigorous investigation of the cases that occur and improve the systems and processes of the General Inspectorate, equipping it with of greater capacities of control and instruction of cases.

In addition, the urgent implementation of complementary training was announced for all agents in three areas, as a minimum, crisis management, human rights, police action and the use of force and the exercise of authority.

Also, ratify, prior parliamentary agreement, and implement the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment of the United Nations, which will give citizens access to international justice; and will force the State to comply with international standards on the matter.

“To do this, in the coming days, we will request the support of the Office of the United Nations Resident Coordinator, and we will begin work with it,” said Vila.

Joseph Villa

Finally, a special program will be coordinated with the Ministry of Health to evaluate the health conditions of temporary prisoners and reorganize the Police communications department, in coordination with the corresponding Presidency cabinet, and implement new communication guidelines that prevent versions information errors and distortions.

These initiatives will be implemented in the coming months within the framework of the Police Reform that is already underway, but will be accelerated to provide an urgent response.

Vila warned that there is no room for impunity and promised that a transformed police force will be achieved that inspires confidence, provides security and is respected by citizens.

These measures arise from social pressure against the Government, after the deaths of three young people in police stations in the capital, and the provinces of Santiago and Ocoa.

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