After separation, Wanessa Camargo leaves indirect in the networks

After announcing the divorce from Marcos Buaiz last week, Wanessa Camargo played a direct on social networks, where she asked for an end to any kind of trial. On the occasion, the singer published a video of Maria Bethânia reading a text by the writer Clarice Lispector.

“Before judging my life or my character, put on my shoes and walk the path I walked, live my sorrows, my doubts and my joys. Walk through the years I’ve walked, stumble where I’ve stumbled and pick yourself up just like I did,” the message reads.

Upon seeing the artist’s update, several fans showed their affection for her. “We are always by your side, my princess,” said a young man. “You will never be alone,” said the second. “Wow, what a spectacle,’” argued the latter.


It is worth noting that, in mid-April, Wanessa Camargo had revealed to Quem que magazine, he was suffering from panic attacks. At the time, she said that she decided to talk about it openly to understand that you’re not the only one living with it.

“One way for me to understand that I wasn’t going crazy was to share all this with other friends and see that other people go through it too. I really thought I was going crazy and was going to lose my kids. When you’re a mother, you don’t have time to fall. It cannot fall. The children come here in the room calling me and they can’t see their mother lying down. And thank God they never noticed, they never saw me like this,” she revealed.

Subsequently, the artist said that in addition, had to deal with the diagnosis of bulimia.

For many years, I was rehearsing to talk about some issues that happened there in the series. I was very ashamed to say that I had bulimia, panic syndrome. I had already said that many pressure issues were very strong in my life, along with a weak head and low self-esteem. Fate catches us in short pants. When I was starting to shoot the series, I started having panic attacks and I hadn’t had it for a long time. I lost my grandfather, Aguiberto Santos (personal advisor), who worked with me, and many things that triggered me. Panic came overwhelming and I saw that I had never healed from these things,” she said.

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