After The Adventures of Buck Wild, will we see Ice Age 7 on Disney +?

Nothing is written, but the door is open, tell us director John Donkin and producer Lori Forte.

This Friday, Crash and Eddie are wreaking havoc on the world of dinos, with a new spin-off movie The Ice Ageentitled The Adventures of Buck Wild. A sequel that takes the form of a spin-off devoted to Ellie’s two crazy brothers and the warrior weasel who fiercely protects this underground universe…

The Adventures of Buck Wild (Disney +): “It’s not quite Ice Age 6”

Inevitably, after the last notes of the end credits, one wonders if Disney – which recovered the rights to the franchise by buying the Fox – will prolong the ice age, by ordering Ice Age 7.

For now, nothing is official, confirms producer Lori Forte: “I don’t know yet if we will make a 7th film. But there are still plenty of stories to tell.”

The door is wide open, on the side of the creators and director John Donkin, who admits to having still “full of new stories to discover. Whether in The Ice Age or in the lost world of dinosaurs, there is still plenty to do, if the public is there. We are always open to this idea of ​​extending the saga.

The last installment of the franchise released in cinemas, Ice Age 5: Laws of the Universeraked in $410 million at the box office worldwide in 2016.

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