After The Walking Dead: what zombies for the rest of the saga?

“That’s one of the things we wish we had the time to explore more seriously, talk about this evolution of walkers…”

The Walking Dead, it’s over… but not really. The franchise will continue next year as if nothing had happened. With season 8 of fearbut also with season 1 of DeadCityseason 1 of Daryl Dixon and the miniseries rick and michonnewhich will be the direct sequel to the original series’ epilogue.

Hopefully one of the four series will take a serious look at the evolution of zombies, handled over the top by The Walking Dead in this season 11. The dead have evolved. They are no longer mindless corpses wandering aimlessly. They stalk, jump, climb and open doors! Noted by some heroes of the parent series, who were directly confronted with these zombies 2.0, these variants did not get the interest they deserved…

Angela Kang recognizes that they were a bit light on the spot and regrets: “That’s one of the things we wish we had the time to explore more seriously, talk about this evolution of walkers.”confesses the showrunner of walking dead in TVLinewho does not, however, want to dwell on the subject “I can’t really go into the details” she says, clearly suggesting that the spin-offs will soon address this issue.

“One of these spin-offs will have these walkers that we’ve seen. We can even argue that it’s going to change some rules. Like how Michonne’s pet zombies work, for example. It’s a variant walkers that we saw. Walkers that could climb and pick things up etc…”

Here lies The Walking Dead, a former hit series that fell with honors

The latest episodes of The Walking Dead still gave a taste of the new zombie species. We could see them pass over the barriers and the walls of the Commonwealth which stopped them until then. Climb to the top of the guard towers. No longer be fooled by the slightest sound. “We wanted to see what happens when you put these new walkers in a horde. We’re very clearly opening a door for those who have also watched World Beyond. There was a little something about the end of this series that hinted that maybe things don’t go the same way everywhere…”

In the post-credits scene, in France, we could indeed see a scientist talking about experience and being attacked by a new generation zombie. Knowing that Daryl Dixon will send the biker to Paris, we can assume that it is in this series that the evolution of zombies will be told.

“That’s all I can say without getting in trouble with the rest of the universe. It’s all about[franchise content manager]Scott Gimple right now.”

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