how tall is taylor swift

This Sunday, November 20, the American Music Awards (AMAs) 2022, in which awards were given to the best artists of the year, and as usual in each award ceremony, a viral moment occurred that starred Taylor Swift together with another singer, which unleashed doubts about how big is the voice of Antihero.

After her photo with Sabrina Carpenter at the AMAS 2022: What is the real height of Taylor Swift?

This weekend, a viral moment starred Taylor Swift and Sabrina Carpenter onstage at the 2022 AMAS. It has to do with their height difference.

It should be remembered that at the event, Sabrina Carpenter was on stage when Taylor Swift received the award for Favorite Music Video.

And from the transmission of the ceremony, a photo of both on social networks seems to show them joking about how much the voice of shake it off she is taller than the other singer.

And according to medium Just Jared, who wanted to solve the doubt about how tall is taylor swift, she has a height of 1.78 centimeters. While Sabrina Carpenter is only about 1.52.

for what is last artist is 15 centimeters shorter than the other pop star.

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It should be remembered that Taylor Swift not only rose in the category of Favorite Music Video for All Too Well: The Short Well. But also won in 5 other categories in which it was nominatedsuch as Artist of the Year, Favorite Female Pop Artist, Favorite Pop Album by Red (Taylors Version)Favorite Country Female Artist, and Favorite Country Album for Network (Taylors Version).

For a timeline of all the drama that there was for ticket sales for the concerts of the new tour The Eras Tour by Taylor Swift. And what the artist thought about the problems with the purchase, click on this link.

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