Ahsoka Tano

The Disney franchise fully entered the Star Wars universe. A few days before the premiere of Obi-wan Kenobi, The company announced the start of production in one of the series that Star Wars fans are looking forward to. This week the official Disney account tweeted an image from Ahsoka Tano’s set.

However, what has surprised the fans the most is a cowboy-style hat seen on set. At first glance it could be nothing more than that, but it is the hat of the very Dave Philoni.

Filoni is recognized for being an entertainer and a true master of the Star War universe, co-creator of «The Mandalorian» alongside Jon Favreau. He also helped convert the figure of Ahsoka Tano is a true icon.

Ahsoka created her David Filoni with George Lucas.

Who is Ahsoka Tano?

Ahsoka is the most powerful jedi, Despite not having appeared in any of the movies or prequelsfor those who were born seeing The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, Ahsoka Tano is Star Wars. She is the Luke Skywalker of a new generation, Princess Leia and Han Solo, three in one.

It is in these two animated series that the character becomes relevant.

On the other hand, in “The Mandalorian” makes his first appearance as part of the quest Din Djarin. Another relevant fact is that it was a padawan from Anakin Skywalkerwho would later become Darth Vader.

In the second episode of the third season of «The Mandalorian», the actress in charge of playing the role of Ahsoka Tano was Katee Sackoff. She the same as she would provide her voice for the character in Star Wars Rebels.

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There is still no official date for the premiere of the series. Nevertheless, Ahsoka Tano is estimated to be available on Disney+ during the first half of 2023.

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