Al Pacino wants Timothée Chalamet to play his part in the new Heat

“He’s a wonderful actor. And he looks great.”

Following Heat will be released in bookstores next August, written by Michael Mann, the director of the cult film released in 1995 at the cinema. It’s been two years since its core team was scheduled to meet for a screening, and after several postponements related to the Covid outbreak, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro and Art Linsonthe producer of Heat, were finally able to participate in a question-and-answer session with the public of the Tribeca festival. The director was present, but at a distance, participating in the meeting on video because he was affected by the Covid just before the event.

Heat: Michael Mann wants to direct the sequel in film or in series

This 4K projection delighted the public, writes variety in his report of the evening, detailing that many spectators knowing the film by heart chanted his cult lines in the middle of its broadcast, but also during the Q&A, which sometimes destabilized Al Pacino. The interpreter of Lieutenant Vincent Hanna still had a good evening, and made some revelations. If the sequel to Heat is adapted to the cinema, he would like for example that the young version of his character be interpreted by Timothée Chalamet, alias Paul Atreides in dune. “He’s a wonderful actor. And he has a great look”considers Pacino.

At the question “How did you prepare for these roles?”it was his partner De Niro who made the show by retorting with a smile: “I robbed a few banks…”. The duo also confirmed, more seriously, that they had not rehearsed the famous dialogue scene in the café, which marked their first meeting on screen: “Al and I didn’t rehearse that sequence. We thought it would be better to shoot it directly.” Pacino confirms: “I often answered people who asked me what it was like to work with Rob: ‘We can do whatever we want with him.’ No matter what you play, it will listen to you and react to what you do, it will be connected to you. it’s a real luxury to work with someone like that. Because no matter what you do, he will react to it. He is always there, ready to play with you. I think it’s like a tennis match. In our films, you always have to keep the ball above the net so that it hits the other person. It provides a good rhythm if you listen well.”

De Niro also took advantage of the meeting to thank the filmmaker for “His attention to detail. He takes the time to do it right, and that’s what makes his films so special.” To which Pacino, who has made films himself, retorts: “And never forget the editors! I always feel like they manage to make me look better than I am. This is something I advise actors, producers, directors and editors to watch: film before it’s fully edited, because it’s hard to go back on something once it’s done, whereas if you’re paying attention from the start of the filmmaking, there’s a chance that someone one listens to you.”

Last question about Heat : Could Michael Mann’s film be remade today? “There are a lot of worse movies than Heat who are, so why not him?”, replies the producer tit for tat. Aware of the evolution of cinema over time, especially with the arrival of streaming platforms, Pacino adds: “Netflix did The Irishman, so it’s playable, even if it remains difficult to edit such a film. I believe that Netflix, Amazon or another streaming service could redo a blockbuster such as Heatand even that they would fight to do so.”

Three things to know about… Heat, Michael Mann’s masterpiece

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