Alcides and Maria Bruaca 1990

Alcides and Maria Bruaca 1990 lived a “hot” romance in the first novel Pantanal, and the plot seems to be repeated in the Globo version, by Bruno Luperi. But will the pawn and the mistress continue the relationship? Tenório is suspicious of his wife and in the next chapters he will plan a revenge worthy of a soap opera villain.

How was the end of Alcides and Maria Bruaca 1990 from the soap opera Pantanal

Alcides and Maria Bruaca 1990 were together in the first version of the telenovela. The pawn killed Tenório in a last confrontation between them after the crook tried to castrate him.

The story begins when Tenório’s wife discovers that he has a second family. If before she was submissive to her husband, Guta’s mother (Julia Dalavia) decides to stop serving the villain and starts to fulfill her wishes. She had a brief involvement with Levi (Leandro Lima), but the pawn died after trying to kidnap Muda (Bella Campos).

Tenório only discovers that he is being betrayed by Bruaca in the final stretch of the novel. Furious, he hatches a plan to get revenge on the employee.

The villain sets an ambush for Alcides, ties the employee’s hands and cuts the boy’s genitals. The scenes show Tenório’s hands covered in blood, the pawn’s scream and Maria Bruaca horrified by what she has just seen. However, after the injuries improve, Alcides then realizes that the castration was unsuccessful. Recovered, Alcides and Maria Bruaca 1990 continued together.

The scene aired in chapter 150 of the first version of Pantanal. It is not yet known whether the outcome will be maintained – actor Juliano Cazarré has even talked about the moment in an interview with Notícias da TV. “I confess I’ve read up to chapter 150, and the castration isn’t there. I even ran through the chapters to see, because I’m curious to know too. I think it will,” he said.

Alcides kills Tenório at the end of the novel Pantanal

Alcides is going to kill Maria Bruaca’s husband. With the help of Zaquieu (Silvero Pereira), who at this point in the plot will already be living in the Pantanal and in love with the pawn, Bruaca’s lover will go and avenge the boss for having tried to castrate him.

However, Alcides ends up being caught off guard and is in the sights of Tenório, who has a gun. When Guta Tenório’s father is about to shoot the employee, the former butler distracts the villain, who shoots him. Taking advantage of the boss’s inattentiveness, Maria Bruaca’s lover hits him with a spear. Tenório falls into a river full of piranhas and is devoured.

After the crook’s death, Bruaca and Alcides are free to live the love they feel for each other and end the soap opera together. The woman joins forces with Zuleica (Aline Borges) to take care of the business and land that Tenório left behind.

Alcides and Maria Bruaca 1990
Tenório is thrown into a river full of piranhas after being hit by a spear – Photo: Reproduction/YouTube

What happens to Gutta? In Pantanal 1990, Guta finished the plot alongside Marcelo (Lucas Leto). She becomes pregnant with the boy and the two have a happy ending together.

Throughout the plot, the couple blames each other for living a hitherto incestuous relationship. It is only at the end of the plot that it is revealed that Marcelo, in fact, is the result of another relationship with Zuleica and is not Tenório’s biological son. Guta and Marcelo are free of impediments and finish the soap opera together.

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