Alcione remembers a health problem that made it impossible for her to have children

The singer Alcyonecurrently 75 years old, opened his heart when revealing during an interview, the reason for not having children. According to the artist, before turning 30, she was diagnosed with a myoma and had to have her uterus removed. This made it impossible for her to get pregnant.

“I had to have a hysterectomy, I had the uterus removed, everything. I used to have very heavy bleeding for a long time, with a lot of pain. It stayed that way for ten days during the menstrual period. So the solution at the time was to remove the uterus.”she said in an interview with journalist Paola Deodoro, from Marie Claire magazine.



Alcione gave more details about the health problem: “It was a myoma, yes. He was already big. I was in my late 20s, almost 30… It was very uncomfortable to have that pain, as if it were an eternal menstrual cramp, a very strong bleeding.”, vented the singer.

“Then when all that disappears you are really relieved. I didn’t have children, but I have my nephews. My brothers were having children and that filled me up. There’s one that I’m crazy about, Otto, my sister Maria Helena’s grandson, is 4 years old”said Brown.

Alcione did not want to adopt

In the interview, Alcione also explained the reason for not opting for adoption. The singer was very sincere and revealed that, due to her career, she would not have enough time to be with the child.

“You cannot adopt a child and travel. Adopt to leave it in the hands of others? Not even. And I’m not frustrated by anything, believe me? There is a saying that I use a lot which is “be careful what you want, because you might have it”. On the other hand, when you can’t have it, it’s better to leave it at that. So I don’t feel frustratedguaranteed.

sex life

Alcione was never officially married, but she already had some stable relationships. In other interviews, she has even stated that she still goes out with other men who might arouse her interest.

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In April of this year, for example, Alcione participated in the program ‘Conversa com Bial’ and opened up to intimacy when talking about her sex life. Owner of the hit “Meu Ébano”, the famous said that sex in maturity is not a taboo for her.

“For a lot of people it still is. But I think it’s normal. It depends on age. It’s not an old age like mine and yours. But back in the 80s I think it’s kind of tiring, but people still like it. It has several modalities and the repertoire is very vast.”declared Alcione, good-humoured.

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