Allen Brum transcends with his artistic expression (1)

Allen Brum pieces go beyond being a simple brand, many consider it an artistic expression embodied in the skin.

Allen Brum found his passion

Tattooing went from being a taboo to being considered an art that knows no barriers in terms of age or profession, and it is there where Allen Brum found his passion. The fact of being able to use the skin as a canvas motivated him to delve deeper into the subject, to get to create works at the level of great artists. Although he has always enjoyed this field, he never imagined dedicating himself to it full time and building a solid foundation. Today, his designs adorn some part of the body of many Latinos or some Europeans, because his body paintings captivate continents, thanks to the constant visits he makes to various countries, in order to reinforce his knowledge.

The artist spends his days in the studio innovating and creating, in the style of saturation of colors. Behind a drawing with perfect finishes, painting techniques are applied as if it were a physical work that goes hand in hand with emotions. Striking designs of animals, cartoons, landscapes, among others, are part of his identity as a tattoo artist. Despite the fact that society tends to associate the industry with rebellion, he describes himself as “quite the opposite”: a “young man focused on the projects he sets out to do.”

Allen Brum
Allen Brum

Now, Allen stands out among the most prominent in tattooing, as a role model or a sort of mentor for new talents. He does not refuse to share what he has learned, for him, it represents a “responsibility” to be part of the motivation of others. In short, times have changed and society keeps up with the changes. It is estimated that 38% of the world population has a tattoo on their body, an average that confirms this lifestyle.

These last two months of the year, he takes advantage of them by giving seminars on everything related to color, anatomy, composition, design, concept, among other topics. Closing a successful year is the short-term objective.

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