Alok reveals radical change on the side of the family: “They will go with me”

Living at the height of his career, the DJ Hello just announced that he will be out of Brazil for three months, and will move to Spain with his family. For professional reasons, the famous said that he will stay in Hï Ibiza and does not think much about the distance between the place and his current residence.

In conversation with the magazine Who, he clarified that he cannot stay away from his wife and children. Because of this, he will take everyone to stay with him during his period.

“I’m going to stay three months at the Hï Ibiza residence. I will take my family with me. I’m not even looking at the destination, but the journey itself, which has to be pleasant. With my children and my wife, for sure, it will be much better. They go with me, stay there for a month, then we go back to Brazil to do some events, like Rock in Rio, for example. I will live on the airlift, but I will be based there. It’s going to be a little complex. But I have no other option. I can’t stay away from my family for three months,” he said.

With many fans, the artist who recently recorded a feat with Juliette, said that even with an extremely hectic routine, she does not intend to decrease the demand for shows.

“I’m still on a high note. I don’t think about reducing the agenda now. I want, somehow, to have a more balanced life, but not stop. I don’t know if I can. I think I have some anxiety inside me, that when I stop for three days, I go crazy. I always want to be on the move. Maybe 10 years from now, I’ll have another answer (laughs)”, he said.


It is worth noting that, Romana Novais, Alok’s wife, paid several compliments to her beloved in another article with Quem magazine. According to her, who is Raíka and Ravi’s mother, he is a father very present and helps her in her daily motherhood.

“I joke with my mother, ‘why didn’t you tell me that motherhood was like this?’ It’s a little exhausting, but it’s natural. I didn’t expect the beginning to be so tiring, but now the kids are at a pace that we’ve adapted to. There are two babies. Ravi is a big baby who will be two years old and Raíka is eleven months old. I’ve gotten used to their routine. Of course, there are moments when we feel tired, we miss a moment of our own, but I love being a mother”, said the doctor.

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