Alvan & Ahez (Eurovision): “We are not in competition with each other”

It’s the big night in Turin for these Bretons who represent France at Eurovision with their title Fulenn, Saturday May 14 at 9:00 p.m. on France 2. However, Alvan (Alexis, in town) and the group Ahez (composed of Marine, Sterenn and Sterenn) don’t have too much pressure.

Your group is the union of two entities: Alvan, on the one hand, and Ahez on the other. How did your merger come about?

Alexis Morvan-Rosius: From a combination of circumstances! I was coming out of several series of productions and I wanted to change by doing electro with singing in Breton. I tried with the voice of my grandmother, my mother… but it didn’t work. And one evening, I went to a bar and I met Marine. Very quickly, we talked about music. She told me she sang in Breton. A week later, we met at my house. She and her group loved the song I had started to compose!

How did the creation of Fulenn?

Marine Lavigne: Alexis first composed the melody. It gave me a basis for the lyrics, which I wrote in two days. The sound must serve the meaning. I had in mind the idea of ​​drawing inspiration from a legend, that of Katell Gollet, a young woman who frees herself from social rules. I like to take up decried female figures to turn them into heroines. At nightfall, she goes dancing, although she is forbidden to do so. She meets a young man one evening with whom she falls in love and, of course, it’s the devil…

What was your reaction when you heard your qualification for Turin live?

Sterenn Le Guillou: We knew the song would be popular. We thought we had a good score, but from there to winning… with such a lead, 50 points… It was incredible. We are very happy with it. We take everything we can because it’s an incredible experience. This title will make it possible to show the whole of Europe that in France, we have regional languages, such as Breton. With us, we also carry other languages ​​such as Gallo, which is the language of Upper Brittany, Basque, Alsatian, Corsican…

How are you approaching this competition?

Sterenn Diridollou: We are not in competition with each other. We see it as a concert with all our European friends.

The participation of Ukraine does not distort the outcome of the competition. We can think that she will win, by european solidarity, Nope ?

AM-V. : With Ukraine, we are not competitors either. Their song is very effective. We are here for the music and we will do the best we can. We have already won everything by being there!


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