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The ingratitude of some federates.-

Sooner or later, Sports Minister Francisco Camacho will have to leave the position he occupies today like so many others. What bothers is that some federates have lent themselves to a directed campaign that seeks to discredit the head of Sports, even knowing that they have received very special treatment.

Francisco Camacho

Sports federations had never received financial resources so far in advance as happened with the Tokyo Games, 78 million and 135 for the junior Pan American Games. Miderec assumed the liquidation of the Olympic hostel staff for 2 million.

I have documents that support millionaire contributions in reparations and support to the federations, in addition to normalizing their allocations. The Ministry of Sports is supporting, as agreed with the COD, the Bolivarian and Caribbean Games. 22 coaches have been appointed with salaries of 50 thousand pesos.

It is unforgivable, then, the attitude that some federates have taken, since they know that MIderec covers the national territory with a meager budget. Instead of conspiring, wanting to remove one of their equals from office, they should fight for the budget of that portfolio to be increased.

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I allow myself to paraphrase a great of the French Revolution: Georges Jacques Danton, when he alluded that it was impossible to carry the country on the sole of the shoes, because here some federates have not carried it on their shoes for a long time, but in their pockets ”.

I know that when Francisco Camacho is no longer in office, he will say: ”The only thing I regret is not having imprisoned some federated rogues who spent their entire lives inventing debts and arranging invoices.” I think that with everything and having taken over in a health crisis, Francisco Camacho has done an excellent job. President Luis Abinader and the National Sports Movement know it.

Well done for Correa and Borola
Gerardo Suero Correa and José Luis Ramírez, Borola, presidents of the Athletics and Karate Federations, respectively, have acted with great responsibility in telling the country that they are unaware of the results of the February 14 assembly, where the Fencing Federation had the responsibility of presenting its financial reports to its members. Seven of the affiliated associations have denounced that it was a meeting of friends and not an assembly, since they were not invited and that is serious.

What will come for the Fencing Federation and its president, Luis Ciprián, is a true Tsunami, because they tell me that some associations are going to initiate a judicial process with alleged evidence of corruption. A real shame that the COD has allowed that to go so far.

By: Ramon Rodriguez
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