Amazon's free streaming service just keeps getting better: sci-fi epics, zombie doubles and one of the best films of all time are new additions

For a short time now, Amazon has not only offered Amazon Prime Video as a streaming service, but also the free service Freevee. And for December, the free service will be much more popular with all film-hungry people. Because then the offer will be an epic sci-fi series, two thrilling horror crackers and an absolute masterpiece expanded.

Free on Amazon in December: Sci-Fi, horror, grandiose highlights and much more

If you would like to be carried off into the vastness of space and do not want to hire Star Trek, can soon resort to four squadrons of Spacecenter Babylon 5. The sci-fi series has achieved cult status since it was first released in the 1990s, thanks in part to its unique storytelling.

For fans of somewhat gloomy visions of the future there is the zombie double Train to Busan and Peninsula. The two films belong to the same horror saga and tell the story of the outbreak of an undead epidemic on the Korean peninsula. The first film in particular was enthusiastically received by critics.

However, this is no comparison with the status of two other Freevee releases in December. The petroleum epic There Will Be Blood is rightly considered one of the best films of all time. The famous drama Life is Beautiful, in which a Jewish bookseller tries to protect his young son from the horrors of the Holocaust, has a similarly grandiose reputation.

All series coming to Amazon’s Freevee in December

From December 1st

From December 15th
From December 16th

All the films coming to Amazon’s Freevee in December

December 1

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December 4th

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10th of December

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