Amber Heard before her career ends: her new bankrupt life after the trial

Is there a tell-all book now?

According to insiders, Depp’s ex-wife, who suffered severe image damage in the course of the sometimes extremely embarrassing process, has nothing to lose given her situation. She is said to be planning to write a tell-all book about her disastrous marriage to the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star as part of an alleged vendetta.

Hard could reportedly sign a multi-million dollar deal to write a book about her marriage to Depp. An insider told that OK!-Magazine: “Amber considers her career in Hollywood to be over. She is already in talks and looking forward to it. At this point she has nothing to lose and wants to share everything.”

Heard: ‘That would be a really lousy way to take revenge’

In her first public interview since the end of the defamation process, Heard, who accuses Depp of domestic violence, said, among other things, that she was hurt by the hate directed at her online. Telling her version of the story in court was not easy for her. “I know that for anyone speaking about sexual violence, the scariest and most intimidating thing is not being believed, being called a liar, or being humiliated,” she said on the show dateline said among other things.

But she did not speak out of revenge. “That would be a really lousy way to take revenge,” she said. “As silly as it is to say that out loud, my goal is — I just want people to see me as a person.”

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