Amber Heard presents alleged evidence of Depp's attacks in interview

“There is a folder of years of notes going back to 2011, from the beginning of my relationship, made by my doctor to whom I reported the abuse,” explains the Aquaman star. The notes from her therapy would represent “years, years of real-time explanations of what was going on,” Heard said.

Notes not allowed in court

According to Guthrie and Dateline, who were given access to the so-called “folder,” Heard’s notes contain descriptions of Depp’s alleged violence. In the excerpt published in advance, handwritten notes with partially blacked out lines can be seen from which individual passages are quoted.

The documents describe, among other things, how the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star Heard “beat and threw him to the ground”, “shoved her against a wall” and threatened to kill her. Heard’s legal team had already produced the documents during the trial, but the notes were dismissed in court. The judge described the documents as “hearsay” and did not admit them as evidence.

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