Amélie Neten "hysterical": Senna (Secret Story) not tender with her ex

We had known them in love, saying yes in front of the altar live on television in 2004, in the “house of secrets” before the love story between Senna and Amélie Neten turned sour.

More than 18 years have passed and it seems that the hour of reckoning has arrived. Interviewed by our colleagues from Gossip Room, Senna, who had entered Secret Story 4 with two exes in his luggage, returned to his resounding story with Amelie Netenand he did not mince his words.

Senna “When I see the images now, I say to myself but… It’s true that the girl was hysterical over me. »

The former candidate today makes a cold analysis of the passionate story he had lived with Amelie Netento whom he had passed the ring on his finger. Basically, I didn’t get the flash on her. It was more of a crescendo” Sienna explained, noting that context had a lot to do with it. “You have confinement, then you have competition. Then, at some point, you form a team. » You have to say that Amélie Neten has a strong temper that viewers surely still remember, whether in Secret Story 4 or even the Reality Angels. And Senna largely paid the price. “The ‘It’s going to Senna’, it’s true that it remains, and in fact at the time, I didn’t give a damn! When I see the images now, I say to myself but… It’s true that the girl was hysterical over me. »

But a wedding all the same, can’t that be invented? Here again, Senna tempers »It wasn’t a real wedding. There was the form, but it was for butter ”. Despite the feelings, real them, he explains that “in real life, it didn’t last long with her, so I think the feelings were a little skewed with the context: living together in a closed place where you have nothing else to do, it can work, but once you get back to reality… we were incompatible. » For now, Amelie Neten has not yet responded. Today in couple and mother of a child, It remains to be seen whether she has kept the fiery temper she had almost 20 years ago or whether she will ignore it. Case to follow.

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