An alliance to spice up waiting at AILA

AILA. In everything that has to do with travel, gastronomy is relevant, especially in these moments in which tourism has become the protagonist of the national economy. Pondering these aspects is that Before Boarding has just established a strategic alliance with the chef Erik Malmsten and the International Airport of the Americas (AILA).

Room in the AILA.

Waiting at AILA

The objective of this agreement, which does not have an expiration date, is to ensure that passengers not only receive quality service while they wait at the José Francisco Peña Gómez International Airport of the AmericasV(AILA), but also have an experience among the comfort and good food.

In fact, at the same time that they announced the aforementioned alliance, Imad Al-Asmar, general manager of Before Boarding, also announced the opening of his new room ‘Sky The Lounge’ with a three-course à la carte menu. In the other spaces, a line of ‘Classy Food to Go’ will be maintained, always betting on the quality and good service that characterize the brand.

They emphasize that they have bet on the culinary talent of chef Erik, because they understand that this is an added value that, together with the vision of service of the representatives of the establishment, makes possible a fusion that leads the client to live that experience of well-being that it provides Before Boarding.

“The gastronomic proposal that he has designed for our passengers is recognized for the exquisite preparation and presentation of each of the dishes that are served during breakfast, lunch and dinner times,” Al-Asmar highlights in a press release. Additionally, they will be able to enjoy an à la carte menu with a concept of signature Mediterranean cuisine.

Variety on the menu

It is precisely for people to live and enjoy a tasty experience that they have delicious dishes. In ‘Sky The Lounge’ you can eat à la carte. In the other rooms you can enjoy freshly prepared sandwiches, in charge of the kitchen team led by the culinary art expert. “Those delicacies that are cooked in a comfortable and pleasant environment are the ones that will awaken in our customers the desire to try them from dawn to dusk without ever having to leave the airport,” they comment in the document.

This gastronomic proposal is accompanied by a selection of drinks, made up of the best wines and sparkling wines, as well as a cocktail menu and natural juices that will also allow for a good pairing with the recipes created by the chef.

About Before Boarding

It is about that safe, quiet and comfortable space that you need before or after traveling; whether for business, vacations, family trips, in a group or as a couple. While you enjoy or rest, the Before Boarding staff is in charge of carrying out everything necessary for your departure or arrival in the country. It transfers and locates your luggage, makes your migration process totally private and accompanies you when you board or disembark. During your wait, in the lounges you will find a distinguished atmosphere, a private and cozy environment with a wide selection of drinks and delicious food.

Erik Malmsten’s career

With a culinary experience achieved in the kitchens of 1, 2 and 3 Michelin star restaurants in Europe and the United States, Erik Malmsten has been able to create unique and adventurous dishes inspired by what he sees around him. This professional with a Swedish father and a Dominican mother, he has achieved many successes throughout his 18-year career. Such is the case that, in 2005 he was a finalist in the ‘World Cup of Chefs, Bocuse D’or’, in Lyon, France where he represented Sweden, his country. In the Dominican Republic he has managed to position several restaurants including O.Livia, Okazu, Odette and Odil.

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