An illusion of love: what has become of Alyssa Milano since Charmed?

In the casting of the TV movie An illusion of love Saturday May 7, 2022, from 3:25 p.m. on C8, Alyssa Milano is mainly known for her role in Charmed. Télé Star reveals to you today what has become of the actress since the end of the series.

The fans of seriesCharmed will be in heaven on Saturday May 7, 2022, since they will find one of the faces of fiction created byAaron Spelling on TV that day. In effect, C8 will broadcast from 3:25 p.m. the TV movie entitled An illusion of loveworn bythe former star of charmed,Alyssa Milano. While she mainly found herself on the front page of the news for his involvement in the movement #Metoo these last yearsthe actress has not been idle, since she has chained the projects, whether on the small or the big screen.

Revealed from an early age in the cult series Madame is served, the one who embodied the character’s daughter Tony Danza in this fiction did not fall into oblivion like many other child stars of the 80s. On the contrary, Alyssa Milano was able to bounce back after the end of the series by multiplying the projects. She has appeared in many movies like Double Dragon, Deadly Obsession, Public Enemies, or even Hot day in LA, but also in several TV movies such as: Confessions of a Rebel, The Part of the Lie, A Dream Too Far, or even For all the gold in Alaska.

Alyssa Milano: emblematic figure of the #Metoo movement across the Atlantic

On the series side, Alyssa Milano first found a recurring role in the cult series Melrose Place, before obtaining one of the roles of his career in Charmed. Between 1998 and 2006, she embodied the character of Phoebe Halliwell during the 178 episodes of this cult fiction. As after stopping Madame is served, the actress has relaunched her career by multiplying projects on the big and small screen. In the cinema, she appeared in the films Good to shoot (BAT), Happy New Year, and Little Italy. On the television side, Alyssa Milano has played in the series Earl, Castle, Mistresses, Insatiable, and more recently in Grey’s Anatomy. She will soon appear in the sequel to Madam is served, where she will reprise her old role nearly 30 years after the original series ended.


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