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Michel Martelly,
Former President of Haiti.-
His involvement with the gangs that terrorize his country, for which Canada has banned him from entering the territory, is an ugly stain on his reputation. Other countries, regardless of the fact that he may be innocent, could also sanction him, thus affecting not only his political image, but also his artistic career.

Franklin García Fermín, Minister of Higher Education.

Franklin Garcia Fermin,
Minister of Higher Education.-
His assurance that teacher training requirements will not be relaxed is more than encouraging. And it would be stupid to question the right that assists the portfolio to review any regulations contemplated in its organic law. In any case, the process of the teacher training program will be monitored.

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Frank Adolfo

Frank Adolf,
With his death, which occurred in New York, one of the last representatives of a genre that captivated and still captivates some sectors disappears. The spoken song relegated, but did not extinguish the declamation. His death has caused deep sorrow among those who knew him and enjoyed his art.

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