Ana Maria Braga remembers delicate moment and makes confession

At 73 years old, Ana Maria Braga has already experienced conflicting and difficult moments throughout life. Today cured after treatment against cancer, the artist vented in conversation with the magazine Cidade Jardim, and said that when he went through the problem, he cried while showering.

“Occasionally, I would cry under the shower because it hurt so much. And I learned the phrase: ‘Why not me?’. There are so many people who suffer, right? Me too. “I think I was one of the first communicators who posed a problem as sensitive as this (cancer) for real – and it helped me a lot. I believe in energy and being there, working, gave me more strength to face another day”, she highlighted.

Continuing on the subject, the blonde from TV Globo was brief and said that even with bad moments along the way, can not remember this and always go on with positive thoughts.

“I have something that helps me a lot in every way in my life, which is an immense ability to forget bad things”, he clarified.

gave advice

In January, with the elimination of Luciano Estevan from BBB 2022, Ana Maria Braga heard from the dancer that he really wanted to be famous. By paying attention to the boy, she took the opportunity to advise on what he really wanted with the fact of being recognized.

“Anyone, to gain notoriety, needs to work on skills. […] Have you chosen an area to tread and become famous? For people to recognize, admire? Or is it a fame, for fame’s sake? Because fame doesn’t fall from the sky, you have to work for it, the path is hard, I swear to you that the path is hard”, she explained, which was answered by the ex-BBB.

Good luck

In recent weeks, Ana Maria has commented on the new schedule of Globo, and praised Fátima Bernardes who will leave the Meeting to venture into The Voice Brasil. She also wished good luck to the Patrícia Poeta and Manoel, who will command the attraction left by the former de Bonner.

“We know that Fátima is one of the most talented presenters on Brazilian TV and has an incredible history. Needless to say, wherever she is, she will be very successful. This isn’t musical chairs like that, as no one is taking anyone’s chair. All this happened by consensus. It’s everyone’s desire to be able to do different things. I also wish great success to Patrícia Poeta and Manoel Soares, who are taking over the Meeting. Beforehand, I tell you that the Meeting, which is currently produced and presented in Rio de Janeiro, will be shown live here in São Paulo, being our next-door neighbor,” she said.

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